My water line running to

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/04/2008 - 15:54

My water line running to the street is 20 feet down under the street because we live behind a retaining wall, how do I get insurance for it ?

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The part that is under the street is not your responsiblity, it's the utilities company's property at that point. Also, wear and tear is excluded under policies so I don't see what could happen to that pipe that would be covered anyway.

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Most water company's sell a cheap policy that covers the pipe from your house to the main, you are responsible for that portion...and wear and tear is covered under these policys...The water company that I have sends out a flyer about this coverage about three or four times a year...(no i haven't bought i because they just put new ones in when the street was redone about three years ago) your water company and ask them about this...

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Yes, it would be quite right to say that the part that goes under the street is not under your responsibility, while the part which connects it from your house would be your responsibility!
But, many times it is not known what falls under our responsibilities & thus causes us a lot of hassles. I was once thrashed by a neighbor for no real fault of was only my ignorance thats gottabe blamed! Roddick

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Most policies exclude "wear and tear" so I can't see why you would want this coverage - aren't most claims from underground pipes are going to result from age. Age is part of "wear and tear".

Please help me out if I am missing something. But I don't see great value in this coverage.

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The policys that the water company sell cover age etc...totally different than anything we are used to in P&C..

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Thanks Lori. I am not sure I'd be interested but I'd look at the cost vs my expectation of likelihood of claim. And I would have to consider the cost of a claim.

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That's exactly what I did, they recently replaced all of ours a few years ago when they dug up the I felt I could let it go for now horribly nephew (you 22yr old new married zero money)...had this happen we found them a grant that covered him under the condition he couldn't sell his house for five years had to stay put...small sacrifice it was 20k and change :shock:

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