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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 6:32 pm   Post subject: INDUSTRY’S FIRST EVER multi carrier e-App  

"I love filling out 20-30 page insurance applications" **Said No One, Ever

Quote & Apply is the INDUSTRYS FIRST EVER multi carrier eApplication

***For the first time ever your client can get a quote, apply, schedule the exam and DocuSign the application, all within 10 minutes.

***Term, Permanent (GUL, IUL, UL W/LTC), Final Expense, Long Term Care, Disability Insurance

To learn more, demo the software and create an account, click here:

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PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 7:31 am   Post subject:   

Does Scott Eastwood possess Tinder

pay attention, young ladies! We're about to be told if Scott Eastwood has a Tinder profile.

During a look Live! With Kelly and Michael immediately, The super sexy stud opened up about online dating. apparently,, no more, he is not on Tinder, But he comes with an imposter using his pics on their profile!

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa then opened up the Tinder profile of "brian, 21" And a shirtless pic of Eastwood on a speed boat. The fake description also read "New in town, "Just got out of a romance relationship" and consequently "Be direct with me,

"you will find aged down, The top Ride star joked.

"Is that like a picture from a photo shoot or is that yet another day in your life, Strahan cracked in regards to hot modeling pic.

Ripa bundled, "So there's a woman somewhere that is swiping on David thinking she's going to meet you, lol!

talking about Scott shirtless, He recently says he's always loved being in a state of semi undress beautiful latin girls (We prefer him prefer that too!). "my girlfriends will say, 'Put a tshirt on!' But I grew up surfing and going out on the beach, So I've style of always liked being shirtless, he said.

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PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2019 12:15 pm   Post subject: dating a russian girl  

Are You or a friend or acquaintance Almost Addicted to Drugs

c. They may have problems in their personal or veteran lives. They also might meet criteria for drug abuse or dependence in the future after which it becomes tougher to treat. Intervening now may bring about healthy changes and prevent a full blown crisis, believed Dr. Boyd, Also a staff mental health specialist at Cambridge Health Alliance.

indicators of Almost AddictionPeople with drug problems are easy to spot. here is the biggest myth about drug use, Boyd announced. One of his first patients was pro who was using hundreds of milligrams of oxycontin, every single single day, For at least a year. His wife had no clue. His co employees had no clue. And there were no complaints about his work running.

(He finally got caught after a pharmacist called the authorities. opportunely, After treatment methods, months later, He used to be drug free.)

But there are signs to find. In Almost Addicted Boyd features the substance abuse Screening Test (DAST) with key questions. These are some of well-known and not so obvious signs he mentioned:

Abusing prescription drugsInability to get through the week without using drugsFeeling guilty about drug useHaving loved ones worry about your drug useBeing told by loved ones that your behavior is strangeLosing friends over drug useLosing a job over drug useEngaging in illegal activities to get drugsNot giving your full effort at work because of drug useWriting work emails or doing other things online while under the influence and regretting them laterDivulging important information about work while under the influenceEmbarrassing your familyBerating loved ones while under the influenceCheating on your spouse while under the influenceHow Loved Ones Can HelpThere are many things loved ones can do, Boyd believed. These are his tricks:

Don't enable the behavior. Don't make it easy for the particular sufferer to keep abusing drugs, Boyd pronounced. Consider how that you're feeding their habit. consider for example a mom who was giving her teenage son money for lunch and the mall. He kept asking for more money more often. similar, while he told Boyd, He was though cash to buy drugs.

A loved one also might make excuses for family members who misses work after a night of drug use. "Covering for the behavior allows it to continue longer than it might, Boyd pronounced.

Talk to your partner and stick to the facts. When approaching your loved one, Be as logical and objective as possible, Boyd documented. It's certainly easier said than done, But try to keep your feelings out of the conversation.

"Whether they're almost or full on so used, people live in denial, he explained. considering tell someone "i do think you're abusing drugs, they're going to likely just deny it. reasonably, Let the facts drive your gossip. disclose "I noticed the eye area were bloodshot and you showed up late to work,

Ask others to step in. If an individual love is in denial, Gather handle. here is an example, If a person is religious, Ask a clergy member to speak to them, Boyd mentioned. If they are certainly not religious, Ask a doctor, he was quoted saying.

Employ control. If your spouse refuses help or again is still in denial Boyd encourages families to employ any leverage they can (within a few legal limits, above all). In the adolescent substance abuse program at Boston Children's Hospital, Boyd and his fellow workers use the 7 Cs of leverage: tough, plastic card, assures, used suv, telephone, internet and curfew.

When you have little leverage, Rely on legal requirements. rapidly overheat, While it's tremendously difficult, If the one you love is facing legal charges, Boyd advises family to "Let legal issues run its course, nearly always, he explained, these people will be put on probation, that also includes drug testing. As he was quoted saying, "Any period of enforced sobriety is better than no sobriety,

what you can DoIf you're the one who's almost addicted, Consider your spousal relationship with the drug openly and honestly, Boyd menti one d. See a mental health professional who specializes in substance use or a doctor, he was quoted saying. Attend support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. "The only get going to these meetings is the desire to stop using your substance, he was quoted saying.

Some people just might quit on their own, Boyd discussed. instance, Since her young years, Boyd's mom smoked two packs of tobacco every day. After getting to grips with she had early emphysema, She quit cold turkey.

still, If any aspect of you are at risk such as your ability to work or keep your home or there's an immediate threat to your health, Seek professional help right away, he explained.

no one is immune to addiction, Boyd asserted. One of his supervisors, A drug abuse expert, valuable to say, "As far as I know purpose I'm not a heroin addict is that I haven't tried heroin,

Even casual use becomes too much. if you're almost addicted, research help. If an individual love is almost addicted, are offering help.

read more about earning Dr. m. Wesley Boyd at his online site. More on the book Almost Addicted here.

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