NAAIP Newsletter Sent to 9,178 Registered Agents

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:38 pm   Post subject: NAAIP Newsletter Sent to 9,178 Registered Agents  

I am incredibly proud of the great system that NAAIP programmers and designers have created. My business plan from a few years ago was straight forward.

Free client-facing insurance agent websites that are superior in quality to anything available anywhere.

Quoters that will facilitate collecting visitor name, email and phone.

Teach agents to move their website up Google.

Absolute highest recruiting contracts will be offered to NAAIP by the insurers because of the multitude of agents in our system.

Offer agents insurance contracts with substantially higher commissions than other IMOs, FMOs and recruiters.

Mission Accomplished. NAAIP is a success story. There are two big negatives.

Even though NAAIP has higher payouts, many agents are still submitting business at lower commission thru other recruiting entities.

NAAIP computer programmers want more money, especially considering that they have built a world-class system and the cost of living keeps on going up.

The Solution:

$29.99/month when your website reaches 1,000 hits for the contact forms to work. Your website will still be free-forever but the contact forms are "sort of" important.

One sale via NAAIP upline waives one month of website fees.

One sale via NAAIP upline by a referred agent waives one month as well.

Agents will list their sale details in their NAAIP back office. In essence, self-reporting their sales in order that their contact forms will continue to work after 1,000 hits.

Programming work must be implemented for agents to self-report their sales and be credited for referred agent sales. This takes time.

Extraordinary circumstances. Certain carriers we be considered multiple sales (such as Big sales will get more credit, etc. One month I will feel generous and announce that if you join my YouTube channel and make a favorable comment it will give you a month. We can have lots of fun with this. Talk to me.

This payment/"contact form continuing to work" system will commence at the earliest on February 1st, 2019.

In the meantime, any sale that you make till then can be credited when payments/sales are needed.

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