NAAIP Newsletter 1-14-2019 - sent to 9,437 agents

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:17 pm   Post subject: NAAIP Newsletter 1-14-2019 - sent to 9,437 agents  

Subject Line: Confessions from NAAIP's Digital Marketing Guru - Interesting Information

Confessing or "getting it off one's chest" has great importance in the world's great religions as well as in psychoanalysis.

I Love Numbered Bullet Points - Here it goes.

1. I love text messaging (also known as sms) from 561-440-9245. During working hours I am texting from my desktop screen and off-hours from my iPhone X Plus. I use phones which rings to my iPhone when I don't pick up at my computer. Dialpad is a great business phone for $15 per month.

2. websites were lousy when we first started was the real reason why we never contacted agents so much. If NAAIP contacted the agent there would be a likelihood that the agent would "unsubscribe" from us and the agent would never know when our technology became good.

3. NAAIP wants every agent in America to use our technology. Now that our technology is "real good", NAAIP can make demands but still must be a "great deal" for us to achieve our goal.

4. NAAIP websites will always be free-forever. Modest demands and contacts is the modus operandi.

    Yet, for sites over 1,000 hits (starting Feb. 1st)

    who do not sell via NAAIP upline

    or refer agents that sell through us or pay

    $19.99/per month charge to hide ads that will appear on the site.

    Discounts/Scholarships available to agents that contact me.

    As NAAIP technology gets better and better, I will lower the threshold to less than 1,000 before ads appear.

5. There are 9,437 Registered NAAIP users already and I would like that number to double in the next two years. Obviously, NAAIP has to be an incredibly "good deal" for the agent.

6. YouTube is the next frontier. I will be concentrating on putting interesting videos online. I beg and plead that you subscribe to NAAIP's YouTube channel.

7. LinkedIn is a great SEO/Marketing tool but I am not on LinkedIn because I am addicted to sms/texting. I don't like receiving LinkedIn emails.

8. NAAIP's Senior Programmer, Anna Shapiro Loves LinkedIn.

Anna posted that she became a C++ Certified Professional Programmer. Please Friend, Like and Comment on Anna's achievement. She is a great girl. 08/

9. is NAAIP's sweetheart deal. Please, learn and sell this great FEX, MYGA annuity & SPWL product. Recruiter level compensation - 125% for FEX.

Your site: {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! - If you don't feel like following the 3 minute video below, send me your GoDaddy (or other registration company) user name and pw. I will do it for you.

YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS l4EkUSoOuI1hm&index=77

YouTube explanation to move Your Website up in Google l4EkUSoOuI1hm&index=77

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
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