NAAIP Newsletter 11/1/2019 sent to 10,629 Registered Agents

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:18 pm   Post subject: NAAIP Newsletter 11/1/2019 sent to 10,629 Registered Agents  

Hello , original newsletter at i-will-get-your-naaip-website-on-its-own-domain-properly-hosted-today/

A huge part of selling financial products is coming across as a professional.

Let's Do It!

You're NAAIP is part of a list that is a.) not properly hosted or b.) has advertisements on their website. Not good.

For the longest time, I have been encouraging agents buy a domain and do proper hosting. Buying a domain from Godaddy using a coupon code is $5 for the first year and then $10 per year for the next two years. Afterwards it would be $18. I would recommend that you change over to Cloudflare at $8 per year instead of paying the $18.

NAAIP websites are free forever, but we place advertisements on your site after 25 hits. You have the option to sell through us at the highest commissions levels in the industry or refer to us and the adverts will disappear. You can even sell through us years later and I will refund whatever payments you have made. In any case, the payments to hide the adverts are tiny. First month with a promo code is 99 cents and afterwards $9.99.

Here is the plan. I can take care of everything. a.) Join the conference call and I will walk you through what must be done. It is described here anyways. with relevant videos. I will give you the 99 cent promo code during the conference call.

The other alternative is to give me your credit card/paypal info.

1. I will hide the advertisements on your site that appear after 25 hits. I will not use the promo code. It will be $9.99/month from the start. Obviously, if you sell via NAAIP and input sales in your NAAIP back office the adverts/payments would not be an issue.

2. I will open a GoDaddy account for you and make a 3 year domain purchase. I will choose the domain from the list on - We will be on sms/text message contact for you to confirm that you like the domain. Then I will purchase the domain in your account for 3 years.

3. I will properly host your website via DNS IP address in your GoDaddy and NAAIP back office. This is a 2 step process that takes 3 minutes. I will do this for you.

Hopefully, when your site is properly hosted you will spend the 13 minutes to learn how to move your site up Google, Google maps, Google local, etc. I am making a link to that YouTube video on this email.

As my Daddy told me when I was a kid. Don't be Stupid! lol.

Seriously, this is so easy and so important for you to impress others that you are a top-level professional. Let's do it.

As you know we placed advertisements on - after 25 hits, to hide the ads you can sell through NAAIP, or refer others to do so. The alternative is to input your credit card/paypal for 99 cents first month and 9.99 afterwards.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money

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5.15 Dollars($)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:42 pm   Post subject: вк азовское море рыбалка база  

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