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Submitted by nique1221 on Sat, 01/20/2007 - 15:54

Have a client and not sure what to do for them or looking for some outside advise? This is a good place to post those concerns. I know that I run into alot of clients that have some pretty interesting situations and I would like to run my ideas by some other professionals.

This will help new agents to the business as well. Remember though the people in the forum do not know your clients situation and you will only know what is in the best interest of your client. The information that you receive in this discussion are suggestions only,to help you think of some ways to help your clients, please keep that in mind.

Posted: 21 Jan 2007 09:44 Post Subject:

im here agian,

I have to explore the whole forum and i am very excited to see different topics here.

I have a prospect now. She called me that if i could make a proposal for the insurance of his son. Actually it is an endowment plan with life insurance attachment. When i come to present it to her, i have discovered that she is really interested in having that kind of plan, but the problem is, she is having a survey from different other companies what insurance is best for her. In this situation, that if you really need to get a sale from her, what do you normally do?

how can i influence her to buy from me and not from other companies. I know that you know that talking bad about other insurance companies is an unethical manner that insurance agents should avoid. In this situation, what is the best thing that i must do?

Thanks again!

Posted: 21 Jan 2007 02:51 Post Subject:

Ahh yes this is a common problem.... and yes it is unethicle to speak badly of other agents and companies especially if you really don't know anything about them or their plan.

In this situation and really this is always the situation with any client, you must sell "yourself" and all the benifits that you and your product have.

For example point out all the good qualities of your product and then you have to show this client why she/he should purchase from you. You know in this industry most people purchase from the person they feel most comfortable with and feel that they trust the most, not always on the actual product itself.

So you need to show this client that A) she can trust you b) what are you going to do for her that the other guy may not. for example you will keep in touch with her through out the year so that you know of any changes that have been made to her/his family situation. Also it is important to have an annual review with your client...even if it is just to say hi and update your files.

See people want to know that you care about them. Most agents today just sell a product and never follow up with their clients and never call them or talk to them again. You need to show this client you care with out being pushy.

Also another key thing is you want to be persistant but not a nusance you dont want to keep pushing someone or they may feel you are pressuring them for buy (meaning you have commission breath) rather than their best interests at had.

Another good what you say you are going to do. How do you think people are going to learn to trust you? Call them when you say you are going to call. Always return all your phone calls by the end of the day. Make sure you follow through on what you say you are going to do.

Does this help you at all? Sell your benifits, sell the benifits of the product and sell yourself, that is essentially what she is buying you not the product. Believe me when it comes to this kind of insurance most people will pay more to have a better agent. Tust me...

Posted: 22 Jan 2007 04:35 Post Subject:

Thanks monique,

I have very delighted to be in this community because i have learned more from Yes, this is what most agents would do. They don't only sell their product but they also sell themselves. Actually, this is the very first thing that needs to be done. This is where agents get and generate trust from their clients.

And i get your point of consistent follow ups with the clients. And i believe this is also one way to get a repeat sale which most insurance agents want. Am i right? This is also one way to get more referrals.

I guess everything would just follow when the person trust you. And you have presented that in a much clearer way.

Thanks nique!

Posted: 03 Apr 2008 09:34 Post Subject:

joven222 wrote:

how can i influence her to buy from me and not from other companies.

That's easy.

You simply suggest she do her shopping and ask that she see you LAST before she buys the policy.

Human nature dictates that no matter how many proposals a person may look at, after a while they all look the same and people buy from the LAST agent they talked with.

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