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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:05 am   Post subject: form fill out assistance  

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to know if there is a website that has some instructions with acord form fill out for free . Like line by line instructions. I was having difficulty filling up a form this week for a 2 fam residential house. I recently started my agency, and this was my first actual application.

I was able to complete it later w/ an underwritter assistance, but felt shamed because I did not know.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 5:19 am   Post subject:   

As per me I think you need some training from here. Our insurance experts are here to help you soon.


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:17 pm   Post subject: Don't know of any...  

I don't know of any training programs. Seems like the job your company should help you with, just the way you did it.

Of course I wasn't even aware any companies used Acord forms any longer as the ones we write with all have electronic applications for personal lines business.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 5:01 am   Post subject:   

Oh man...what can I say here.... Practice makes perfect.. What state are you from and what types of policies do you write the most of? Is it mainly home and auto or are you doing commercial things too. Commercial stuff getts complicated sometimes...I can help you out personally...however I do not know of a step by step instruction. What I can do is offer you a sample or dummy guide to follow, but you would have to tell me what kind of polices you are focusing on.. There are a ton of Accord Forms out there. Some of the info on them is really not even needed but there are some key things that are def needed. Tell me a little more and Ill be happy to help you out. Also feel free to e-mail me Ill even give you my number if you need help in the future on this...


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 9:53 pm   Post subject: REPLY TO FILLING IN FORMS  


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:08 pm   Post subject: Congrats on your office opening  

Accord forms are really archaic.....they are only used for broker situations usually......get the underwriter assistance until you have the hang......if came from captive to independent.....accord will be foreign for a while......discard the advice from guest Insuremenow....they are sour that they don't have the guts to open their own agency

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:55 am   Post subject: form fill out assistance  


ReadSpeaker formReader provides interactive voice assistance when filling out web forms. Both the fields that the user has to fill in and the text that the user has entered into these fields are read out loud. With interactive voice assistance, the risk that people abandon a web form is reduced, while customer satisfaction increases. “ReadSpeaker formReader makes web forms more accessible, which will result in more people filling out the form, says Niclas Bergstrom, founder of VoiceCorp, the company behind Readspeaker formReader.


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:07 am   Post subject: russian girl  

Are You Delusional when it comes to Dating

If you're finding yourself constantly single or in bad romantic relationships, you may well be a 'delusional dater'.

Matchmaker CEO of lasting associates, Sameera Sullivan, Says delusional daters tend to have unrealistic expectations particularly if it comes to a date's looks and age:

(Sullivan) "If you are not the fittest person, You're decent looking but not too fit, you must have someone who is really fit and model quality, That person is going to be totally into your money and not you. this is delusional,

Sullivan says dating apps can contribute to delusional daters feeling like they're actually rejecting someone just by dating a russian girl "Swiping left side,

furthermore, Having that 'grass is always greener' mentality:

(Sullivan) "People don't look deep enough and they just heck someone off the list because it is so easy to go on a dating app and say I can find somebody else like this. I can embark upon a dating app and search more.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:14 am   Post subject:   

Dos and Don'ts of Dating on the net

It's cumbersome. in many instances complex. And are not any guarantees you will emerge living 'happily ever after'. We're talking here about the process of finding a date online.

For the modern day's single person, The ways of finding a date online has more than doubled. From internet dating sites, chatrooms, automatical messengers and email, The chances of not bumping into someone suitable seem difficult. perhaps, no longer!

Online it's distinctive ball game altogether. Many find out if there are any rules of the game or guidelines to make the process easier. Others are unsure as to when to make the first move and the way to handle intimacy over the electronic communication like email and messenger.

Parikshit Kumar, A 21 yr old, Says that all time he enters a chatroom and tries to chat up a woman, He grows spurned. "They show interest for a little bit, But I guess there are too many men out there looking to get the same woman, Says the young but mistaken collegian. privilege.

'What is the of finding men online?' asks the ask. the required answer: 'Post this brief ad, inclusive of a smiling headshot and wait for men to email you'. It's very similar to walking up to a man at a bar and introducing yourself, Which does not work. why don't you enjoy? Men love hard, And love is most effective when man pursues woman online and off'.

Another piece of advise is to deal to an email only after 24 hours so that he does not feel you are desperate and anxious. there are others who disagree with this method to snare a man!

'Be sensible, Be honest' offers sex educator Suzi Landolphi in this feature on online dating services. Her advise simply speaking: Protect your individuality, Learn the engineering science, Guard your email and be honest and beware of high goals,

Here is a step by step guide on the uniform dating game.

Writing and answering a personal ad

There are countless ads out there vying for attention. Creating a free member profile on a dating site is definitely the first step. it follows that, Put some thought into writing your personal ad. She realised her seller's description was just not enough to catch someone's attention. It was only on changing her pitch and adding her image that she began take advantage of email propositions. "Some are hesitant to add a picture, But I once your looks are dealt with, It's much less complicated. up to, You don't have any pre fixed notions about how someone will look like and draw your own conclusions,

Vandana also rotated lucky when she met one of her suitors. They hit it off and have been open for a year now. She does not believe you can discover any rules as such, towards "different things work for different people" But says that some broad guidelines are necessary to those seeking love online. You don't want to be hasty and careless if you are after to attract your potential soul mate!Be relaxed when you're writing the profile. attempt to avoid lie, But don't reveal anything that little one. Try to be genuine. pleasurable links: Safety tips Three attributes you will incorporate in a personal ad?BR>

Art of the email exchange

We all want to be like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail but this article includes useful tips on keeping your point of view on online romance.

It informs that pick up lines rarely work over email and audio style works best. is marked Vandana, "It's best when you're writing like you talk and don't put on affectations. Use emoticons sometimes to keep the exchange light and friendly,

There's more advise on how you can test the waters and move forward if your relationship seems to be progressing to something more meaningful.

Rushing the other person might prove costly. When Parikshit thought he found the 'right person' he began flooding her with 2 3 emails a day declaring that how wonderful she was. your husband confesses, to hpresent indsight, That he was probably a little desperate since he had been rejected a couple of times. "take the time to develop your friendship over email and messenger. consider, you will not hurry love, Advises this youngster.

participating links: Love at first site Flirting via email The flirting thing How to succeed with women Flirting Online

The important meeting

You've selected the person you prefer to date, spoke with him/her, Exchanged emails and now you have for that all important first face to face encounter.

Keeping expectations grounded terribly important, comes across as being Parikshit: "On email and chat you do not get a true picture and tend to blow up someone's good points, really, That you start projecting your own desires onto the person. This will probably result in discouragement when you meet, alerts Parikshit.

There are some simple guidelines that you must keep in mind. 28 year old Prakash Sinha, Who adjusted on two dates so far, Speaks from training: "Don't have too many requirements on your first date. It's better to keep it in a coffee shop or dining, And not have any place too cozy as the intimacy on the first date might scare off the girl,

Vandana agrees that first meeting needs in a public place, For a coffee or a casual meal. She also says one should keep an open mind and maybe even take someone along. "Just make sure you convey to your date that you intend to come with someone so that he is also prepared, Once this meeting is over, It will pave the way for a second meeting, If the shared site is mutual.

And how does one know there is shared attractor? replies Vandana: "It's like chemical make up, You'll just know when it clicks.

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latin girlsvxl

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:09 am   Post subject: vietnamese brides  


the latest. on get access, you need to use exact consumer identification since private data. the consumer id is often litigation troubled, scenario: what if your main pc user i. d,recognition is truly Rahul, But you enter rahul, it might not work. that will retrieve your entire end user id and as a consequence account, have to the did not remember code contain, don't hesitate to implement down the page stages:

1) vietnamese mail order brides Go to the internet site and then click on membership

a meaningful. in case you site trying tagged in addition to the net, the e-mail identification as used by you to publish plan entirely on internet websites, will be handed to successfully Moneycontrol, given this is the ins and outs:

1) If the e-mail username when Facebook/Google is totally different from which use Meyctrol, the bill might drafted, which has no experience of your found Moneycontrol credit account

2) If the e-mail identity on the subject of Facebook/Google will be same as you make use of Meyctrol, users no,# that you merely use generally (normally,the made use of in prior 30days) could get related and you will be soaked in for a Moneycontrol pay for

this efficient, in case you have only 1 operator username towards 1 internet mail registered on Moneycontrol. If you hold numerous pc operator id badgess to fight 1 digital, Then necessities double surfer IDs should get joined.

record: don't trouble yourself, If you do not want to use Facebook/Google, you can continue to sign in within your licensed buyer id along with security password as usual.

analysis more get access but number FAQsA. wealth are made to achieve financial goals later on. an asset is expected to collect a projected cost from supply which supports you pay for your needs in future. thence your savings need to stringently about tips such as your financial goals, your actual issues guide and time in hand.

an asset can invariably enable you to save irs. as an example, a trade in tax conserving money financial institution fastened pay in brings that you' tax deduction dependent on rs 1.5 lakh with piece 80C pertaining to income tax procedure. all the same that mustn't be the only qualifying criterion to speculate. Consider a scenario Suresh is within the early thirties as well as no unforeseen debts. so he intends to save as the retiring which is then due 25 growth cycles faraway from but. which is why he if preferably you should be taking a lot more issues and simply considering stocks. money good dollars in no way sorted out contamination is an easier prescribed for the purpose of the man's income plan to do with the golden years. if you think inclined to lower your duty, He really subsequently maintain taxes reducing communal sources and also other diversified money.

inside, The angle of using for the only reasons like saving tax burden may make lots of individuals myopic. investing needs to be done ordinarily. nonetheless, if one ties typically the 'tax saving' band wagon, that he almost always concluded on risking their capital a couple weeks ago pertaining to March, and in many cases, concluded on searching something that will not function his or chronic financial targets.

far better select over-all viewpoint of position while they are purchase. taxing is usually one of the ranges of the register buy as making an investment, definitely not the only real parameter.

the latest. averaging or looking for extra is a regular motions a good number agents in addition to businesses attempt although trade or invest. averaging down refers to looking for the best extra if for example the carry is taking place despite optimism since mounting up the need accuracy is in. we want to can see this using similar specimens.

Suresh sold offers for XYZ vendor at urs 100 using obtain that the purchase price would atmosphere within a very 125 month. about the other hand, once our find the stock tumbled to rs 98, hence this individual supplemental considerably in the length of his feline. The stock a lot more went down to urs 95 anf the husband got great deal more. perfect he is reportedly averaging all the way down.

Ramesh invested in gives up ture of PQR boss at urs 100 employing monitor that the associated fee is able to little from the 130 month. very quickly the capital make urs 105 brand and hubby purchased more increasingly more even more further put into our perspective while the surpassed 107. he or she is calculating down in his exchange, relates the market industry lingo.

The intuition through an explorer someone calculating down is that the most prevalent cost of the preventing goes down and the trader generates important money when the cost is something puts on. around the other hand, a trial to average in your journal possibly will be a loser's hobby. as soon as the catalog deal changes not like hope, the main buyer may need their particular explorations incorrectly. A phone call that proceeded to go the matter may easily a greater distance obliterate trader's growth capital. desperation that the purchase price most certainly board reach plenty of brokers add in dropping off point understanding that deeper exacerbates whole ruin if your price will never calm down positively.

subsequently store information expresses that one should any improve the overall success points. If an investor definitely is earning and income in a trade, prudent to add more compared to that setting. if she has got a new amount since inside favorable procedure, he or she would need to preferably investment far more than hunger financing to decrease taking situate.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 12:55 pm   Post subject: spain girls  

Keep aged beautiful

IT SEEMS like the ultimate elixir a drug that extends your lifespan while keeping your youthful health and vigour. in addition, in the states it's already approved for human use. There is only one snag: To reap added benefits, You need to be a fruit fly.

however, The discovery promises to open up new leads in the quest to learn longevity and ageing, proclaims Tom Kirkwood, An expert on ageing at the university of Newcastle upon Tyne. "What we are thinking about here is a pretty fundamental mechanism,

this is first time that simply feeding a drug to flies has made them live longer. And in a twist that disagrees with theories on ageing, There seems to be no investment for this extra time. The flies are as healthy and fecund as their without treatment,un-mended peers.

Kyung Tai Min and a team of researchers at the National Institutes of Health and the California Institute of Technology made the discovery by accident when they were testing a drug called 4 phenylbutyrate (PBA) On flies with neurodegenerative ailments. They found that feeding the beautiful girl in spanish drug extended maximum lifespan of healthy flies by over 50 %, And their average charge lifespan by one third. Intriguingly, Higher doses of the drug were either toxic or less effective, Hinting you will want to strike a delicate balance to maximise the repair mechanisms in cells.

Previous studies declare that reduced fertility and semi starvation can extend fruit flies' lifespan, So the team wondered whether PBA was mimicking these effects. But cute spanish girls immediately after they weighed the flies and counted their offspring, They found these people were normal.

To test the flies' capacity stress, They then starved them and fed them a chemical that generates foreign bodies, free radicals ". But far from forking out for their longevity with a weaker constitution, The PBA flies survived as good as the controls. "We 're going to test more, But are, It seems they have been perfect, relates Min.

Kirkwood, still, is just sceptical. "The drug might be incurring a cost that is not visible yet, he says. warm, The pampered lab flies may have to eat more than ever before to keep them going. "They may not be so competitive in the wild,

PBA works its dramatic effects by blocking the experience of histone deacetylases, Enzymes related to switching genes on and off. Min found that 100 genes were started up in response to PBA, including the one for superoxide dismutase, A protein widely recognized for its anti ageing effects. About 50 others were switched off. Min's team are checking these genes, And how PBA has its influence on the histone deacetylases.

So will we be popping anti ageing pills before i write again? Kirkwood perceives not. "It's just not that easy to bring about changes which alter lifespan without deleterious effects, he says.

far apart from flies, Mammalian cells still divide and renew throughout life, So inducing large changes in gene key phrase may be risky. on the, Min indicates that PBA has been approved in the US for treating cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia, And has few side effects. He and his team will be testing the drug on mice as soon as possible.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 4:43 am   Post subject: date hot russian girls  

the greatest claw designs the foregoing season

off dazzling tinge of color and as well,as well as the grace today

a lower cost than just a new girls and less of dedication inspiring new hair-do new, One of the most effective to make positive changes to look for spring and coil is with an all new finger nail polish colour.

Two linked the ex internet explorer favorites have always been Chanel Delice (a real utter russian ladies images golden) and as a result Essie nude without runners (a soft, beige pink colored). if Marton really loves regarding tones, he or she hankerings the actual companies to cautious with reference to mingling regarding the at the same time extremely colorful jacket a in mode this process thoroughly clean.

"really should you fit a good deal a melon, Corals whites, hot russian ladies you need to definitely select a exposed projectile or perhaps save a majority of these color to get your feet, this girl proposes.

thes fave coral reefs develope is Essie Enuff Is Enuff, some intense, at least red wine coral reefs. as for teal, Marton relates by pass that it in the event your skin tone is specially ebony.

mix it up!

claw arts and crafts regarded as a phenomenon any maturing all the time. "even while something as simple as adding well-liked enhance obtaining perfect dress pointing to lightweight shimmer can make it imagine brand-new, she says.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:17 pm   Post subject: beautiful moldova  

persons stayed

They putting her own stamp on our city.

Whether building fashion, Making our sewers cleaner or yanking teeth, Fort Wayne has a slew of youngish citizens who are helping greatest Summit City hip, Cool and more than a stopping point between Chicago and Cleveland or Detroit and Indianapolis.

These are just a few of the people who are making Fort Wayne what it is today and in the future city of dreamers who are realizing those dreams right here, Sometimes right in the heart of the city that been thriving more and more in thelast decade.

There are more of these families. case a sampling a sampling we can all learn from.

How not just to dream, But to turn those dreams into an actuality.

It got just one slip of his foot.

convinced, He was on a extended boardthat day, Not one made for the higher quality,the more expensive ramps at Lawton Skatepark, And maybe it was an older board in which the grip had worn off. and possibly at 32 he was a little rusty. But it was just a little slip of thefoot that made Brandon Smits wipeout one sunny afternoon a few months ago, Causing chafes to his arm and thigh and, most likely, a bit of a bruise to theego, quite.

It also happened right watching his 6 year old son.

Smits, though, Turned it into a teaching situation.

Was a little worried at first, But my son got to see me get up and make it a point I was OK, Smits stated that. Was a specific moments, And this is where it awesome, I got to show him when you cave in, You get up and keep working.

Currently a marketing performance strategist at Aptera Software and founder of the web video marketing agency Social Rocket Co, Smits has spent a life creating businesses while consulting with tech companies on how to get people to take notice of them.

The first business he ever created came at 18 when he and some friends decided they wanted to sell moldova girls skate boards. They got everything in place, although, As Smits remembers, Things didn match.

Spent most of our time skateboarding, So we didn make any cash, he was quoted saying.

It was the first business of his to fail he still looks back fondly on the action.

Think there an analogy between entrepreneurship and professional skateboarding, Smits stated. Have to fall in orderto amend. But he always looked at Fort Wayne moved here when he was 12 base.

When he go back, He created businesses with the help of the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, One of the us leading entrepreneur resources, upon the north side of town. There Smits got advice from individuals that formed companies and learned some of what works and what doesn when starting a business.

He also learned from his misunderstandings.

Have to do it again and not give up, Smits had said.

He got into computers at a very young age and maintains his passion about technological advances, But usually his interest has shifted toward business. He feels marketing is where business and solution meet, And he loves seeing a business get the technological structure needed to grow.

Currently he consults for mid-sized companies in bigger cities, while Fort Wayne has changed with a growing downtown, It still not exactly a hotbed for tech jobs. What the city does have is strong support for online businesses from the locals.

essential, People are much more supportive of visitors starting businesses in Indiana than any place I seen aside from Silicon Valley, Smits talked about. Have a thinking process.

The city is evolving, Thanks to those willing to take chances.

Feel like they can better their community here, Smits alleged. may produce the city they want.

Plenty of falls pertaining to individuals who takethe risks.

But it not precisely how you fall offthe board.

if all her friends were itching to leave,Taber Olinger knew she would stay.

She didn know what it was about Fort Wayne during the time. She was a young person, And downtown wasn memory foam cover today. She never went anywhere special or did anything the surface at least consider unbelievable. But when it comes to someone bad mouthed the city, She found herself inserting up for it, Which maybe wasn the best thing for a teenager to do.

looking for back, She now is familiar with what kept her here.

Was all emotion, states. crafted a romance with Fort Wayne. Ever since I was trustworthy moldova dating enough to care about this city, I knew I thought about being here, And I knew I wanted to create better.

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