gla license for texas insurance

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/25/2008 - 09:16

how can you get a sponsor and if i get my gla license for texas insurance do i have to work with someone or can i open my office straight away

Posted: 25 Jan 2008 11:58 Post Subject: an emailid for you!

What you can do is to forward your question to the archinfo[at] Cliffhardy

Posted: 25 Jan 2008 12:12 Post Subject: Texas DOI info

Well yes, contacting the Texas dept. of insurance regarding your independence (or towards being captive) may be a choice. You may call them directly to know about the guidelines. Their contact nos. would be as follows: 1-800-578-4677 & 512-463-6169. See if anyone over there may help you out.


Posted: 25 Jan 2008 12:23 Post Subject: Make sure!

Hi Shawn!

I must tell you about a couple of effective forum threads in this site itself, which speaks about the advantages & disadvantages of being a captive or an independent agent. I'm sure you'd make a good use of the search box over here before you take a final decision.
Make sure you get back to us as well!

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