what type of insurance should I sell to make the most $$

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hello all,

I just received my license from the state. Before committing to a specific company, I was curious to know what type of insurance I should sell to make the most $$$. I herd that critical illness plans are the way to go? I also herd that going with an independent company would give me more products and options.

Any help would be great!

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hi brando33603, first of all congratulations and best wishes for your career. I believe that the most important skill that an insurance agent should possess is the knowledge of the requirements of his clients. If you can master this ability you can make big bucks by selling any darn policy.

If you are interested in doing business by selling the maximum number of policies then auto insurance is surely the way to go, whereas, life policies will earn for you in terms of commission. You need to analyze the market condition before deciding upon the right track for yourself. Good Luck :D

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Any help would be great!

We would be glad to help you in every possible ways if you can let us know what type of license you have obtained, life, P&C.....

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Its true that critical illness is generating a big demand in the insurance market. And this market will continue to grow in the coming future as well.

However, its easy to sell an auto policy than selling a life plan, because auto insurance is the basic requirement of people, but one can make a choice about buying a life insurance. Similarly you may find it even harder to sell the critical illness plans than selling a life plan, because the market size will be even smaller.

Often, CIC coverages are sold as a supplementary policy along with the PMIs or life policies. However, the definition of critical illness is changing very fast. This may propel its demand in the market and also may encourage people to consider it as the stand alone policy as well. Hope you find this inputs helpful.


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You may have the choice of starting your career as a captive or an independent agent. Both has its own advantages & challenges.

I also herd that going with an independent company would give me more products and options.

Companies do keep on experimenting with their investments through the dynamic nature of their products & the need of the time.

There are companies who'd look for independent agents in order to benefit in terms of their expertise & their tested databases. Now, as a new agent it is always wiser to work in a secured environment for sometime at least, so that you get the entire financial process at your finger tips & know the tricks to capture & hit different economic segments. Lara~croft

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I would think that it would be important to build a good trusting reputation for yourself too. My family has all stayed with one insurance company for years, through out generations, because of word of mouth.

When you take care of people and have a good product, and you are not trying to scam anyone for a buck, your reputation will proceed you and you could sell just about anything.

So while you are debating your path, please consider good customer service as one of your skills to put in which ever one you choose.

Congrats and goodluck on your new career, which ever you choose.

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