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Home of the top-ranked Miami Redhawks.

A quick background-Born and raised in Harrisburg, Pa and went to college at Miami of Ohio. Upon graduation in 1980, went to work as a financial planner with a large company...and I'm still there today!

Specialize in individual health coverage for Ohio and Pa residents.

Interests include tennis and travel to the Middle East.


Posted: 09 Feb 2008 05:28 Post Subject: Welcome!

Welcome to AmPmInsure, Ohio Health Insurance. :) Hope you would enjoy your stay here.


Posted: 09 Feb 2008 09:20 Post Subject:

Welcome Ohio Health insurance. Very well knitted introduction. Enjoy you stay! :)

Posted: 09 Feb 2008 12:43 Post Subject:

Welcome to the community, I look forward to your contribution to the site, as your experience will surely prove of great assistance and value! Welcome once again!

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 03:29 Post Subject:

I am glad to be here, and especially looking forward to the new car I will receive with my 100th post.

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 07:06 Post Subject:

New car with the 100th post?? Am I missing something here?? :roll: :roll:

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 11:23 Post Subject:

Now Ohio, you are going to have people looking for that new car, LOL. Good to see that you have a good sense of humor, and great to have you on board here. I am sure that your years of experience will be a great asset here, I think we have about every aspect of insurance covered with someone who works in the field, that is awesome, getting the opinions of those who work in the field everyday will be great. Again welcome aboard.

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 11:59 Post Subject:

I am glad to be here, and especially looking forward to the new car I will receive with my 100th post.

:wink: Yeah, buddy! it was awesome....I've got an entire car lot now!

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 12:01 Post Subject:

LOL, Lori, Ohio is going to make this a popular site once the word gets out about the cars, some folks won't read the whole thread and take it seriously, LOL. We will send them all to Ohio for pick point.

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 11:26 Post Subject:

Uh oh. Did I say "car?" I think I meant to say "carp" as in fish. I think it's the 1,000 post when you get the new car.

And just in case you were wondering...

10,000 posts gets you a 3-day vacation in Newark, N.J.

50,000 posts gets you a voucher that allows you to cancel the vacation to Newark.

100,000 posts gets you a free autographed picture from Bill Gates.

And 1,000,000 posts gets you a free lunch with that elusive leader of the Board...Lakemen. And if you are polite, he'll reward you with a second blog.

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 11:31 Post Subject:

Boy you are funny. You just had me off my chair. :lol: :lol:

Posted: 13 Feb 2008 03:49 Post Subject:

God forbid if Ohio and Quenlin get on the same post, LOL. We are all in trouble.

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