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Not quite as exciting as David Letterman's...but...

TOP 10 US Life Insurers (revenues and Assets) with my unique comments

1 MetLife $53,275 $527,715 Solid company. Very Diversified
2 Prudential Financial 32,488 454,266 Used to be on top, but Met flew by
3 New York Life Insurance 28,365 165,665 Steady as she goes
4 TIAA-CREF 26,757 412,980 Boring company
5 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance 24,863 154,071 Solid but limited
6 Northwestern Mutual 20,726 145,102 Shhh!! Be very quiet
7 AFLAC 14,616 59,805 Quack Quack
8 Genworth Financial 11,029 110,871 Great term rates
9 Unum Group 10,719 52,823 Bigger than people think
10 Principal Financial 9,870 143,658 Solid products

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Interesting comments Ohio and very useful information. Thanks a lot buddy...:)

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Not quite as exciting as David Letterman's...but...

May be not. But what we learn from our experience is more valuable to us then the expert's comments, 'once burned twice shy'. We naturally stay longer with companies that make us feel special. Most often we commit emotionally to them without evaluating much about their services. Actually, it creates a pseudo satisfaction within that they treat us as their special customers. Maybe that explains why a not-so-good organization makes more profit then the relatively good ones.


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Ohio, buddy! you have surely done a great research for preparing the list. This is quite unique in nature, especially the remarks. ;) IMO, it'll help others to decide about the companies they should get associated with.

Its nice to see that some of the smaller companies are featuring in your list too.

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Thank you for the compilation of the list, it will be taken on seriously since you work the field by many who are trying to make up thier minds on what insurance to use.

Work like this is much needed here in the healthcare field, thank you for taking the time.

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The amygdala was once considered a detector, Said psychology professor Dr. eva Telzer, Who led the new studies.

Increasing evidence indicates that it is activated whenever someone detects something meaningful in the community, She asserted. Is a meaning detector. case study, Researchers evaluated 93 children attitudes toward same sex and women in your life peers. Using smartly-designed MRI, Which tracks how oxigen rich blood flows in the brain, the study also analyzed brain activity in 52 children.

The finding that very young children absorb gender is not a surprise, Telzer discussed.

Know that there are developmental changes in terms of the significance of gender boundaries in young kids, She referred to. Also know of the whole phenomenon,

That's where young children develop an aversion to children of attractive potential partners and act as if they could contaminate them with "Cooties" especially if they get too close. Children at this age also prefer enterprise of their same sex peers, She mentioned.

This phenomenon was reflected in dating a russian girl the your family evaluations of each other.

The youngest children in our sample demonstrated a behavioral sex bias such that they rated same sex peers as having better (And less harmful) Attributes than opposite gender peers, the researchers wrote in the study, that wasthat's published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

So we think the amygdala is signaling the significance of cooties at this developmental period, Telzer pointed out.

the eye in opposite sex peers tends to wane in later childhood, prior to puberty, Telzer told. the researchers saw no difference in the amygdala response to same sex and opposite sex faces in children between the ages of 10 and 12.

But in age of puberty, Children interest in a man or woman blooms. They may become infatuated with a member of a man or woman,Sometimes referred to as a Telzer said.

puberty hits, Gender grows more significant again, Whether it because your body is changing, Or because of sexual attraction or you are becoming aware of more rigid sexual boundaries as you become more sexually mature, Telzer referred to.

Brain is responding very clearly, with respect to what changing developmentally. (2018). How 'Cooties' and 'Crushes' . Psych city.

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