Anyone have information on starting an independent agency?

Submitted by Novice on Sat, 03/22/2008 - 12:01

Could any one point me to resources I could use to guide me through the logistics of opening an independent insurance agency of my own. I would like to start off selling home and auto products at first with appointments from several companies and slowly introduce other products. I believe you have to establish an LLC and have some type of bonding in order to get appointments from ins. companies but im not sure which steps to take first. Im assembling a business plan which includes selling out of my home office until my book is substantial enough to open the doors of an office building. Any how I live in Indiana and my email address is prestonyl[at], if any of you old pros could help guide me through this process I would be greatful. Feel free to use my email account to forward any documents!


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Posted: 22 Mar 2008 06:13 Post Subject:

Hi Novice and Welcome to this Insurance Community.

We have had a lot of discussion on this topic, but seems like I can only find one.

If you will go to the "Discussions" link, you will find several posts that may possibly help you.

Want to start your own FREE blog here? :lol:


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