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Submitted by Alston on Fri, 08/01/2008 - 01:15

One of my interests is programming and I have created a couple of tools for agents who have websites.

With both of these tools, if you link to them from your website, your visitors will see a link that returns them to your website on the result page.

BMI Calculator -

This calculates your Body Mass Index. It can be used by kids and adults. It will take measurements in Metric or Imperial.

Disability Income Needs calculator -

This quick and easy calculator will determine how much monthly disability insurance benefit a potential client will need.

links deactivated

Posted: 01 Aug 2008 02:08 Post Subject:

The moderators deactivated the links in my post and also added a space. I assume that the space was added unintentionally.

If the space was added intentionally, just PM me if you want the links.

Here are the urls:

BMI Calculator -

This calculates your Body Mass Index. It can be used by kids and adults. It will take measurements in Metric or Imperial.

Disability Income Needs calculator -

links deactivated

Posted: 02 Aug 2008 11:23 Post Subject:

Well, I guess that this board don't allow active link within the body of a post and that's why the moderator may have deactivated the links. However, that may not stop the onlookers, who are interested to visit the site, from viewing it ;)

Posted: 02 Aug 2008 12:00 Post Subject:


I could easily access the deactivated links by just copy pasting them into my browser. No space for me. :wink:

Thanks for sharing the calculators with the community.


Posted: 02 Aug 2008 02:03 Post Subject:

I still see spaces. Apparently they were put in intentionally.

Posted: 03 Aug 2008 02:12 Post Subject:

I still see spaces.

Only because you are not copying the thing correctly into your browser. When you are copying the URL it is taking a space at the end of the URL. :)

Posted: 03 Aug 2008 08:52 Post Subject:

BMI - The space is coming from the line wrap. That is, copy/paste is adding a space between the top and lower line

Disability Income: There was a space added into the word "calculator".

I think both of these issues arose from the links being edited when they were de-linked.

Posted: 04 Aug 2008 03:10 Post Subject:


There is a space in the word calculator in both links on both posts.

Posted: 04 Aug 2008 10:36 Post Subject:

Well, thank you for the lovely and useful tools.I hope as they proved useful for me, they will prove useful for everybody else

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We're wondering how widespread this is around the country. Let me know if anything like this has ever happened to you on online dating websites. I've heard some real stories about failures, And I'll share some additional information with you when we're ready to air our report in the next week or two.

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he says he is in Kubal. Gives a story about how scared he is and wants you to definitely send him money to come home.

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it often not a scammer ON a dating site, But the actual itself.

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National establishment for Women

Here are some suggestions for russian woman further improvements to your encyclopedia entry draft. I'll keep to the sections you've already been developing, But remember that you still need to fill in the others as well the ukraina dating required subpages.

in particular, It's essential that you present information about NOW in your own words rather than lifting directly (or else paraphrasing closely) From the organization's website. for example, Your intro section truly as close as it currently is to this.

most of the "back ground" Section seems to be similarly derived too completely from the NOW website's history page, Though by jumping so abruptly in the gift Civil Rights Act, It doesn't provide readers with enough historical context about feminism in the nation and doesn't seem to discuss how the politics of civil rights actually led to NOW's founding. It would probably be a good idea to scrap what you have there and start over by explaining in your own words how NOW came about and how it's developed since the mid 1960s.

The first part of the "Current possible goals and activities" Section should be in paragraph form rather than a list. repeatedly, Your discussion of the business' work should be in your own words, Not in that relating to NOW's website.

Shamira Gelbman 18:03, 7 april 2009 (UTC)

Second (expert) evaluate comments

The encyclopedia entry for (at the present) is sort of complete. The advantages, History and objective sections have detailed and very good material. You got into great depth of how this company started and became as strong and dominant as it is today. even though, You failed to give house elevators other sections such as Organization Structure, work, And Public comprehension and controversies. Achievements is an essential part to have because it really shows was the organization has done and what it has been recognized for throughout it's time.

Your Intro section was very well crafted. You gave just the right information so that readers who have very little knowledge on the group can fully understand the information given. I did not need to know background or previous information in order to understand what points you were trying to get out. It was worthwhile that you added all of the discriminations it was trying to eliminate. rather than saying that its main goal was to eliminate those, You listed all very important topics and problems that are occurring.

bicycles section overall is pretty well done, It could use a lot more detail maybe behind the Acts and Titles that you listed. government background, They may not know what you were mentioning too. The way the EEOC was incorporated was very well done. The EEOC is critical part of NOW but are there other groups or institutions that played a role in NOW's formation or arguments? You will probably want to look into some further background to see if there were other role players. also, Are think about laws, games, Or chapters that NOW defended or helped to take to congress? Those are various questions that I had from reading it. I think you may have to add more to the history since it is such a big and well known organization, There is probably a lot more info that may answer those questions.

in the current Objectives and Activities section, You give two very big examples of programs or issues they're advocating but they need some more detail like what are they doing to prove this? Do they hold seminars or events that support methods? These are great programs but going into more detail about how they are actively supporting these and getting the word out there will only add to how important or special these programs are.

universal, I think your entry is to an excellent start. There are a few topics that don't have any information that need to be updated but other than that you have some very good concerning NOW. I honestly did not know much about this organization other than obvious issues they support but I am well informed now. I am interested though to see what they do to express their ideas of all the issues you stated in the essay. Adding little details will only make it better and starting more depth with make your entry complete.

Public assumption and controversies cleanup

As part of my plan to travel all the POL 214 Eduzendium articles, I cleaning this one up today. I rewrote the PP segment. I rewrote it into hopefully clear prose although I would like someone conversant with the current status of the David Letterman issue to check it out I used the magic "accusations" term here, As I'd rather lean along the side of caution. If the Letterman dilemma warrants a stronger word, I do hope someone will step in and fix that.

having said that, 'controversies' appears to be to suggest controversies regarding NOW, Rather than controversies they may have commented on that sort of material should really be put in a section regarding their political opinions or activities. A point of comparison might be something like the Church of Scientology where the controversies are the activities, Beliefs and opinions of the group or association (Or their basic ideology) option things they have criticised others for. cheers, Eduzendians for your function. mary Morris 11:48, 31 December 2009 (UTC).

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yes, December 12th will see one other General Election but is the Labour Party stranglehold on Salford about to be loosened? that's doubtful but some parties have already declared candidates to have a go, a lot easier to follow. Here's their email list so far.

Salford since Eccles

standing up MP, Rebecca huge Bailey, Hasn't spoken in to the Salford Star in eons, Despite deciding the week before she first got elected in 2015: "Yeah I think it's sad that many of us aren't taking to you because, Irrespective of the kind of coverage these people are going to get, At the end of the day it is important for local politicians to be held to account whether it's good publicity or bad publicity, (See suitable here)

Mmmm, So there's been no interaction from Ms Long Bailey as she builds her national career, But she did write to a local component this week, Breathlessly praoclaiming that, "caused by 12.01am on saturday 6 November 2019, Parliament will be dissolved and from that moment in time I shall no longer be your Member of Parliament and instead I shall be the prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Salford and Eccles Constituency in the impending General Election as the Labour Party candidate,

Up contrary to the Labour MP, Who has a whopping principal almost 20,000, generally.

Green fancy dress party Bryan Blears

A nephew of former time MP Hazel Blears, Bryan tells the moldavian girls Salford Star that within the last few year he's been "meeting with communities across Salford who aren't happy with the direction our city is travelling in. We suffer from a lack of affordable housing, worsening poverty in our town centres, an increase in knife crime, And traffic and pollution problems along side city,

If chosen, He adds which "I will ensure that the residents waiting for dangerous moldova brides cladding to be replaced on Salford's tower blocks have to wait no longer, Will speak up for any more NHS and Council funding, and in addition "Act to reverse the effects of man made climate change and reshape our economy to put people before corporate greed,

Liberal democrats Jake Overend

A former student at the higher education of Salford, Jake speaks: "Salford has been my home since I started higher education here, So I am thrilled if you want to offer people here a real, Liberal alternate, As well as giving people the option of voting for a party that absolutely wants to stop Brexit.

"We have formerly seen first hand the damage a no deal Brexit can and will do to communities like Salford, And by running in this election we are giving people the methodology to firmly oppose this disastrous outcome,

Brexit collection Matt Mickler

matt, who works in the recruitment industry and lives in Prestwich, expresses: "I believe that in the interests of our democracy, the outcome of the Brexit vote must be respected. we start to use a clean break Brexit. We need more jobs and I would encourage start up companies and empower small and local manufacturers in the constituency. There is a desperate need for more economical and social housing in the area and that is something I would campaign for,

practical Party

No press releases as yet from the Salford Tories but they are not great at speaking to the Salford Star either.

Liberal dems Joe Johnson Tod

person, A 19 year old student from Salford school is taking on the veteran MP, And relates to this as "One of the biggest elections in recent history.

"Politics in the UK is broken at this time we have Boris Johnson's bumbling, Hard right Conservatives somewhere and Jeremy Corbyn's incompetent, Scandal hit Labour on the other guitar. Jo Swinson's Lib Dems are a progressive alternative and I am proud to say that I will cover a strong voice for local residents.

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