Would Someone Hold Me? I Am Scared

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Looks like he is ready to kick someone's ass

Posted: 03 Oct 2008 06:07 Post Subject:

Looks like he is ready to kick someone's ass

Many of us may still wonder, whether we need life policy or not?

Well, the purpose may vary but IMO everyone needs life coverage of some amount during their lifetime. The single people can also purchase coverage to save for their funeral expenses and death taxes.

Also, there are policies available in the market that may have the rider incorporated within which will provide the policy holder with a portion of the death benefit if he/she suffers disability during the tenure of the plan, thus generating a source of income for the period of disability.


Posted: 03 Oct 2008 08:05 Post Subject:

Actually the people who need life insurance is our loved ones.

When we are out of the picture, our loved ones need the proceeds from the life insurance policies to pay for 3 meals and household bills, to keep their shelter intact and to continue to pursue their dreams in life.

Life insurance is for people who survive. That's why it is called life insurance

Posted: 03 Oct 2008 08:36 Post Subject:

Many of us may still wonder, whether we need life policy or not?

Very true Jeremy. A lot of us may be blessed with good health for a moderate part of our existence and may hence not realize the importance of having life insurance. But in doing so, we forget the discomfort or trouble our loved ones have to bear when we are not there anymore to protect them. Life insurance is simply protection for those who depend on us. Today, we may be present to take care of our family and loved ones. But what happens when we will not be there anymore? It is always safe to get life insurance when we can afford to get one. If we care about our family's future, getting life insurance would be a great idea.


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I always tell clients that they have to really sit down and think of who will be affected if they were to suddenly pass away. It really opens their eyes when they actually think about it. Life Insurance these days is even more important and I think that everyone should have some type of coverage. It is very cheap to get if you shop around properly.


Posted: 04 Oct 2008 11:22 Post Subject:

I agree. We personally carry life insurance on ourselves and our daughter through my husbands work. Everyone hates to think the worst but what if you are ever faced with a death? It s always better to plan ahead.

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