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If an insurance company lost or can't find the beneficiary form of a lif ins. policy, and I kinow that my son is beneficiary on this policy, what can I do? And by the way, how in the world would a company lose such an important form?

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And by the way, how in the world would a company lose such an important form?

I know it is very stupid of them but this happens more often then we can imagine. Anyway, do you have any document that can support your claim, the policy paper?

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The bad news is NO I don't have the policy or anything like it. The policy actually belonged to my ex husband. The only thing I have are witnesses that saw ex put his son on the paper and sign it. This was a group policy through work. I wonder if his empolyer could possibly have a copy?? If not though, do I have any options at all? Thank You

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I wonder if his empolyer could possibly have a copy?? If not though, do I have any options at all?

When your ex took out the policy he had to list a beneficary...the carrier has that on file. Check with the benefits coordinator at his place of employment...What about going thru all of his (your ex's) paper work, at his home? Are we to assume that your son's father has died? Who made all the arrangements? Did they locate a policy while going thru his things? Who is cleaning up or cleaning out all of his thing?

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Yes, my 14 year old's dad passed awy(my ex husband) about 3 months ago. This is where it gets really sticky. My ex remarried about a year ago. But, she is aware that my son was beneficiary. I have been told by a few people who are not experts in any way, that if there is a lost beneficiary form, that all benefits from the life policy would go to the surviving spouse. We did not find any type of paperwork. Ex unfortunatly was not a bookeeper of any kind. But it just seems that a copy of this HAS to be SOMEWHERE. Would you agree? Thanx

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But it just seems that a copy of this HAS to be SOMEWHERE. Would you agree? Thanx

Yeah, I'd, what about contacting the company's HR department? They might have retained copies of the applications made by their employees. Further, can you possibly get in touch with the agent who had sold these policies?

that if there is a lost beneficiary form, that all benefits from the life policy would go to the surviving spouse.

In case of no named beneficiary, in community property states the benefits would go to the spouse of the deceased. What is your residing state?

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If an insurance company lost or can't find the beneficiary form of a lif ins. policy, and I kinow that my son is beneficiary on this policy, what can I do? And by the way, how in the world would a company lose such an important form?

Sorry, but I know that the beneficiary is me. My point with that jerky comment is simply that your knowledge is meaningless to the insurance company. You also don't know if it is true. The beneficiary could have been changed after that or that form may have never been submitted or rejected for one reason or another.

The application is part of the life insurance policy. The beneficiary is part of the application. In order to have lost the beneficiary designation, the insurance company must have lost everything involving the policy. I would think that they would have both the hard copy and a scanned copy.

How do you know that the policy is lost? The insurance company shouldn’t be sharing any information with you. Are you sure that they just aren’t refusing to give you information?

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In case of no named beneficiary, in community property states the benefits would go to the spouse of the deceased. What is your residing state?

Can you back this up? Typically, if there is no beneficiary or surviving beneficiary, the policy will get paid according to the default beneficiaries stated in the contract. There usually isn't a default beneficiary in the contract. With this being the case, the policy would get paid to the estate of the insured.

I am not trying to say that you are wrong. I want to know if you are just guessing or if you are positive that you are correct. If you are correct, I'd like documentation. I don't want this to be a jerk or because I doubt you, but because it's important that my "knowledge" is correct. So, if I'm wrong, I need to know for sure. Thanks.

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Erin Shannon and Mike Renaud met on dean jerrod Mingle

Her article: Erin Shannon, 28, was given birth and raised in Baltimore. She works as a registered nurse at Baltimore Washington Medical Center at St. Agnes doctor's. Her father, Shawn and / or Debbie Shannon, are living in Falston. He is director of business proliferation for Unison Business Solutions in Towson. His mums and dads, and in additionre but also Sharon Renaud, frequent Hightstown.

their valuable story: The two met head to head Feb. 12, 2014, At Main route Oyster House in Bel Air. They met through the online dating service Christian Mingle, Although neither of them is very religious.

they barely planned to meet for a quick drink that snowy night, But both wound up staying at the restaurant for hours deep in dialog.

Mike said he fell in love without delay.

"I can still tell you these days what she was wearing, he said. Mike got extra points to clean snow off her car at the end of the night.

"I knew I cherished him, Erin said. "I was attracted to him right latina women dating away. I was scared to like him as much as I did. It took me a few months to admit that I liked him,

proceeding that first date, The two spoke each and every. They became several by St. Patrick's Day a month at some time.

And when Erin tried to break up with him twice he wouldn't let her.

"The second time I left each other with him he called back and said, 'I'm not giving you any choice in the issue. We're still relationship again,'" Erin were recalled.

The two reside in Little Italy.

The offer: Mike and Erin got adjoined Dec. 5, 2015, During a family vacation in Aruba.

although the proposal wound up being a magical moment, It almost was ruined once or twice.

It started before the trip even developed. The two were riding in the car when an agent from Smyth Jewelers called Mike's phone, Which been on the car's Bluetooth mode.

"The audio said, 'This is Tammy originally from Smyth. Is this a great time to talk?' I said 'no' and I hung up the product. It was very as clear as day, Mike were recalled.

Mike wound up having Tammy draft a fake email saying she had made a mistake. He later demonstrated that email to Erin.

"I was so excited but let down, Erin described.

In the island of aruba, Mike by mistake grabbed the wrong box the night he planned to propose to Erin. So he had to text his father to bring him ideal ring, Which ruined his possibility pop the question at dinner.

To add another twist, There was a mix up with the reservation. The bartender wished the two a happy honeymoon when giving them two glasses of champagne.

When Erin went to bathroom, Mike asked the bartender, "What the heck is happening,

Mike wound up advising on the beach, And the minute he asked Erin, A huge fireworks display started near this particular.

"It couldn't were more perfect, But until morning could not have been more bizarre, he explained.

Historic sites in the area acquireable for weddings and receptions

place: About 185 people attended wedding at St. Leo's Church in tiny Italy, And the venue was held at Bar Vasquez.

a flower arrangement and decor: The colors of wedding were all white with greenery from Blush Floral Design Studio in Bel Air.

Bride's gown: Erin wore a ivory ruched dress by Badgley Mischka from Francesca's wedding ring Salon.

Bridesmaids' dress: bridesmaids wore their own black dresses.

Men's wardrobe: Mike wore a red tuxedo from Jos. a very. Bank this individual owned. Groomsmen wore their very own black tuxedos.

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the strength of a First Impression

New research suggests that first impressions are so powerful that they are more important than fact.a new study found that even when told whether a person was gay or straight, People identified a person sexual location based on how they looked even if it contradicted the facts presented to them. motivation, We can overcome this somewhat, But we are always tasked with needing to correct ourselves. The less time we must make our judgments, the more likely we are to go with our gut, Even through fact, He supplied.Soon as one sees another individual, a little is formed, Rule said. Happens so quickly just a small part of a second that what we see can sometimes dominate what we know. Series of recent surveys, Presented at the Society for outlook and Social Psychology (SPSP) Annual convention in Austin, mississippi,Shows that appearance affects everything from whether we end up liking someone to our assessment of their sexual orientation or dependability.Researchers also note that a first impression formed online say from a Facebook photo is often more negative than a first impression formed face to face.Study on Sexual inclination and TrustworthinessIn a study on first impressions of sexual direction, Rule and his co-workers showed 100 people photos of 20 men, finding them either as gay or straight. they then tested the participants recall of the men sexual orientations several times to ensure perfect memorization.so next learning phase, the researchers then showed the participants the faces again, Varying the amount of time they had to categorize the men sexual orientations.the researchers found that the less time the participants had to categorize the faces, a lot more likely they were to categorize the men according to whether they looked gay or straight, compared to what they had been told about their sexuality. with increased time, notwithstanding, The participants reverted to what they had learned about the men sexuality.Seemed to judge by visual appearance when they were forced to make their judgments quickly, Rule mentioned. these people were allowed more time, nonetheless, They judged based on what they knew about the individuals. individuals noted that they labeled half the faces with their actual sexual orientation and half with their opposite orientation. They did this to the players to hot russian girl learn information that was opposite to their perceptions, Rule stated.Was vital us to establish a conflict between perception how the face looked and memory what they knew about the man sexual orientation, he explained.Rule points to the singer Ricky Martin, Who for years denied he was gay before finally developing,around the 1990s, some individuals might see Martin and think 'oh, if you have a gay guy,' but then you notice that it was Ricky Martin and think wait, That Ricky Martin he told Barbara Walters that he was in the right position. So there a restorative process there: First impressions continue to assert themselves long after you know relevant concerning a person, he said.Rule presented another study at the getting together with, Which looked at how people categorized faces as authentic or not. In this study, countenance was a stronger predictor of whether people viewed someone as trustworthy than descriptive information provided, over again, regardless of whether it conflicted.These studies help to illustrate the often inescapable nature of how we form impressions of other people based on the look of them, Rule believed.Only should people not assume that others will be able to overcome aspects of the look of them when evaluating them, But also those of us on the other half end should be actively working to consider that our impressions of others are biased. Impressions in Person versus OnlineOther research presented at the conference looked at right after in how we form impressions in person versus online, by using a video or by just watching people.The first study analyzed a series of tests involving more than 1,000 objectives who met each other through either a three minute speed dating style interview, Or by watching a video of the baby.We observe here is that the truth of impressions is the same when you meet someone face to face or simply watch a video of them, Biesanz wanted to say. final thoughts are much more negative when you form perceptions more passively through watching videotapes. People could accurately attribute certain nature, as in extroverted, pompous, Or cultural, To others physically or by video, ok earthquake of the positive attributes was lower via video, While the negatives traits were higher.the researchers found similar results in two other studies, Including one that compared in person final thoughts to those obtained through looking at Facebook photos. The other study compared in person meetings to only watching someone as a passive observer. to all cases, The passive means of making final thoughts were as accurate as the active ones, while using researchers.There certainly large difference in the positivity of impressions, he said. Passive impressions are significantly more negative. Impressions of a Romantic PartnerHow we create first impressions is also important blossoms a romantic partner. And new research in this field shows that whether you meet someone online or in person dramatically changes the judging process.What he found was that when the sexes evaluate potential partners in person versus online, frequent "the best" Gender needs disappear.as an example, Men generally say they care about good looks in a partner more than women, While women say they cherish earning prospects in a partner more than men.Our meta analysis reveals that people do not show these sex differences when they evaluate others in a face to face context, Eastwick documented. is probably, attractiveness inspires men and women romantic evaluations to the same extent, And earning prospects inspires folks romantic evaluations to the same extent. Research suggests that in face to face settings, People rely more on their gut level evaluations of anyone, based on the researcher.Focus on how that individual makes them feel, Eastwick shown. Is very hard to get a sense of these records when simply viewing a profile. This disconnect can cause confusion and distress in the online dating service realm, As potential partners that seem terrific paper prove to be disappointing after a face to face interaction. predict JudgementIn another study, unconscious researchers Drs. Vivian Zayas of Cornell University and Gl Gnaydin of Middle East Technical University found that viewing a photograph can be a good predictor of how you will judge someone in person.The the well-known idiom to judge a book by its cover, The present research shows that such judgments about the cover are good proxies for judgments about the book even after reading it, thought Zayas.Her new research shows that initial impressions based on viewing a single photograph accurately predict how a person will feel about each other in a live interaction that takes place more than a month later.Participants initial judgments based on the photograph colored personality judgments following a interaction, Zayas thought. Results showed that initial liking judgments based on a photograph remained unchanged even after obtaining more details about a person via an actual live interaction. Society for style and Social Psychology.

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