please someone gimme an answer

Submitted by CharmsCherryPop on Mon, 07/14/2008 - 06:18

I have been dealing with this for too long, maybe someone can help?
Ok the long and the short story, my father passed away two years ago, i found out he had another life insurance policy from a major company about 6 monthes after the fact. They told me there was no named benificary on the policy, so i would have to be claimed by his wife, then come to find out they found a seperate form that was update and i was named but because they had paid it out, basically i felt like i got blown off. So what's the deal, am i entitled to it? Does it go to his wife instead, even tho she's not on any forms? How do i go about finidng out any more information since they company hasn't exactly been helpful, and is there a time limit on contesting such a matter. I realize that's prolly a lot of questions but any help would be, well helpful! Thanks in advance! :o)

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Do you have a copy of the form showing he put you on as a bene? Honey, I think you'd better get an attorney and quick on this one....

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they company hasn't exactly been helpful

That's because they have blundered with the payment :mad:

However, contact an attorney to check whether it's still can be sorted out or not, or else, just discuss with your mother, see if she agrees to share the payout with you.


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Well, the other option may be to contact the Dept. of Insurance and file a complaint against the life insurance company.

You can contest the beneficiary of the policy as long as the benefits are not paid out, but once it is paid there is very little chance to redirect it to the other party. IMO the only alternative available is to go round and sue the insurer instead. and preserve the copy of the form that suggests that you were named as the beneficiary of the policy, its going to be a very useful document.


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Yeah, I agree with them. Try to gather the form that can be a proof that you are the beneficiary of the said policy. And try to get an attorney as early as possible.

Posted: 19 Jul 2008 11:36 Post Subject:

The company will not be helpful if they already paid out the claim. You may have to sue them and the wife. Maybe even the company where he worked.

You need an attorney. Start documenting everything if you haven't already. Document details dates and names of every conversation you have and every peice of correspondence.

An attorney should be willing to give you a free consultation. Go to that meeting organized and ask questions about the process, costs and what your chances are.

You'll have to weigh your odds of success against the potential benefit.

I am sorry that you are going through this. Losing a family member is tough enough

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