I found a letter written

Submitted by Ann Brandler on Fri, 08/01/2008 - 18:48

I found a letter written to my father from my grandfather in 1953. In the letter it states that my grandfather is buying an endowment contract for $5000 for me issued by the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company to mature when I become 21(that was in 1972).
How can I find out if this policy infact exsits.

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I think you already have a very important information in hand....the name of the insurance company. You should contact them to enquire about the policy.

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It is possible that the policy endowed and the beneficiary was your grandfather or father and the money is long gone. But it never hurts to check since normally the child (you) would be the beneficiary.

Good luck

PS I googled them and found this link: https://www.lfg.com/LincolnPageServer?LFGPage=/lfg/lfgclient/index.html

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Jeorge is right; the name of the insurance company can solve half of you problems. The endowments plans, especially, if it's a whole life plan will continue to exits even after the day of maturity if it's fully paid-up. You can still claim the maturity amount. However, you're required to find out the exact nature of the plan first and what exactly was the verbiage of the policy document.


Posted: 03 Aug 2008 11:48 Post Subject:

Ann Brandler let me give you some perspective and also lower your expectations.

If your grandpa did in fact buy a $5,000, 20 year endowment policy, on your life when you were born (1953?) you would have been the INSURED on the policy and grandpa would have been the OWNER and BENEFICIARY.

The reason for the policy and/or "insurable interest" of the policy would have been to provide money for your final expenses if something happened to the baby and/or to protect your future insurable interest and/or lastly perhaps to provide granddaughter with some money down the road for a useful financial purchase, such as a house.

Those would all be reasonable reasons to issue a small amount of life insurance on a child.

Now, all that being said, remember the part above about grandpa being the "OWNER" of the policy? That means that contract is his property and any resulting cash value would be his money to dispose of how he pleases.

Grandpa more likely than not has long since cashed out that policy and used his cash surrender value for his own purposes, assuming the policy ever existed in the first place.

Posted: 04 Aug 2008 04:56 Post Subject:

How can I find out if this policy infact exsits.

1972? That was a long time ago. But try to check on the insurance comp. Maybe they have the copy of insurance contract.

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How can I find out if this policy infact exsits.

You may go for a number of things-

* Trudge through his phonebook & address book (you might come across contact info. of a no. of brokers & carriers that he has had).
* Find out his income tax returns for the last couple of years. Try to find out the source of the interests credited to him. You might as well figure out the destinations to which the interest expenses were paid.
All the best!

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Hi Evan, I believe she has some other alternatives like visiting the office of the welfare benefits for employees.
Visiting the union welfare office could be another option. If the regular mails of the deceased could be checked I'm sure there could have been a possibility of achieving some reference..what do you think??
Regards, ArindamSenIndies

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 11:53 Post Subject: maturity amount of my policy

let me know how many amount will be given to me on maturity date of my poilicy no.69486755.which is close in feb'09.

Posted: 14 Aug 2008 11:28 Post Subject:

Hi Hitesh, we have no internal information on your policy. This is an insurance discussion board and not an insurance company. Hence, can't tell you anything about the actual maturity value.

You can contact your agent and ask the same question to him. he'll be able to help you in this regard.

Also, the policy value will depend upon the type of the plan you've purchased. If its a term life plan with a cash value benefit, you can only expect the death value plus an amount that the policy may generate during its term.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any more query.


Posted: 09 Jan 2015 07:05 Post Subject: kentucky central life insurance comoany

i have old policy oct 05 1985 policy number exa990838 i cant find any thing on this .dont know how to find out.

Posted: 11 Jan 2015 04:02 Post Subject:

Try contacting the insurance company.You do know which one it is, don't you?

But think of it this way. It was written 30 years ago, you are just thinking about it today. It probably lapsed something like . . . 29 years ago.

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