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Submitted by lamont on Thu, 03/19/2009 - 04:29

My son was in the navy for several weeks and was discharged - he passed away several weeks later. I found out he had SGLI Ins. the Navy cannot find the SGLI beneficiary form - apparently this is given to the recruits on their 7-9 day my son was moved to another ship for discharge on the 7th day. I am trying to find out if he filled out the SGLI beneficary form which is not an easy task in the mean time the Navy is telling me that if the form was not filled out or can not be found the proceeds will go to both myself and his dad. All of my son's paperwork that he filled out that was given before his discharge states me as his beneficiary 100%. His state of mind was of that when he was given any official documents. I am a single mom and I raised my son all of his life his father was involved on a limited bases. Given the fact the Navy may not of had time to get him to sign the form what are my chances of contesting the payment if they cannot find the form?[/quote]

Posted: 19 Mar 2009 11:30 Post Subject:

Well, in absence of any designated beneficiary or spouse, the parents would receive the benefits of the deceased's SGLI plan. So, by law, both you and the father would receive the benefits of his policy.

However, regarding contesting the beneficiary issue, you may need to discuss with an attorney. IMO since you have raised your son alone, you should have a stronger claim over his policy benefits.

Posted: 19 Mar 2009 11:42 Post Subject: insurance

LAMONT....... First, I want to say I'm really sorry for your loss. I'm in the Military, myself. I WILL say this. If you join the Military ( any branch of it) it is MANDATORY that you fill sign up for a SGLI policy...for obvious reasons. Now....when forms are filled out for this, the Military personnel gets a copy of it and the Command gets the original. Their Command is correct..if they CANNOT find a copy of it, the Beneficiary will AUTOMATICALLY go to you. They ahve so many days, from your inquiry ( however, I'm not sure exactly HOW many days) to find the policy. Even if it has another Beneficiary on it, that's not YOUR fault that they lost the paperwork. If you're not getting any answers ( or if your getting the 'run around') from his 'Chain of Command', I would suggest to go to your County Representive or State Rep, and explain the situation. I've known people that have done this and their State Rep REALLY helped them.

Posted: 12 Apr 2009 12:09 Post Subject: hi

In absence of designated beneficiary or spouse the benefits have to be forwarded to the parents or his wife or to the son

Posted: 15 Apr 2009 11:23 Post Subject: insurance

I think the above statement is will AUTOMATICALLY go to the parents, spouse,etc. If there is a spouse involved, all of the Insurance will go to her/him. If there is NO spouse, (I think?) the Insurance will be split between the parents.

Posted: 16 Apr 2009 02:33 Post Subject:

Lamont, talk to an attorney. There is a big difference between a beneficiary not being named and one being named and the insurance company not being able to locate the paperwork.

I can't comment to SGLI specifically, but life insurance companies often have a default beneficiary if none is named. The money will go to this default beneficiary if there is one or it will go to the insured's estate.

Posted: 17 Apr 2009 06:15 Post Subject: insurance

With SGLI, I'm not sure what happens to the money if there is no spouse, etc. If no family can be located, well.......I wish I had an answer to that, but, I don't.

Posted: 19 May 2009 01:39 Post Subject: TSGLI

I recently had back surgery (TLIF) which a disc - L4/L5 - was replaced with artificial bone and a lot of metal and tramatic group life insurance (TSGLI) denied my claim because they stated in the letter that the surgery was not a result of an injury. Last year, in Iraq, when I was 35 yrs old, I felt a sharp pain in my leg and lower back when I got out of a helecopter with all of my gear on (100lb+) and went to sick call. At the time the doctor told me I only had a strain. I have medical documents that show a list of dates of physical therapy during my last two months in country. It was not until I redeplyed to Germany when I received a MRI and the Dr. informed me that I was in need of surgery because of a herniated and ruptured disc. I was told that if I had a line duty investigation (LODI) it may have been approved. My surgeon filled out his part of the app and states that it was not a disease but an injury and that I had two ADL for over three months, which was realy much longer. Where do I go from here? Is there an attorney out there that can assist?

Posted: 19 May 2009 02:34 Post Subject: insurance

Are you STILL serving in the Military? One reason why you were denied is because the SGLI doesn't 'work' that way. What you're saying is a 'Medical thing' ( to the Military, anyway). You can get MEDICAL Disiblilty, for the rest of your life, IF they say your injury was caused when you served in Active Duty. The Medical part has nothing to do with the Life Insurance part....hope I'm 'clear; with the differences. The Life Insurance is the in case ( God forbid) you were killed, then your Beneficiary would 'kick in' and distribute the money to whom you give it to. Life Insurance covers you 24/7 now...........24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example: I serve in the Army Reserves. If I walk out of my apt anytime, and get hit by a car and killed, then my Life Insurance 'kicks in'. With the SGLI, however, you have to go by the laws of the state you live in, for your family to get it. For example: if you are driving a car and NOT wearing a seatbelt, and were killed, the SGLI will NOT 'cover' you because the law states you need to be wearing a seat belt when driving a car. If you are driving intoxicated, and are killed in a car accident, your SGLI will NOT cover you because you were driving drunk...........hope this is clear.

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Clarify one thing to me SD... IMO what the OP has stated isn't a life insurance issue. Therefore, he is unlikely to receive any benefit from it I suppose. But aren't the soldiers covered under the military health plans for these issues?

I think he by mistake has filed the claim with the life insurance when he should have filed it with the health carrier. What do you say?

Posted: 19 May 2009 10:58 Post Subject: TSGLI

TSGLI stands for tramatic servicemembers group life insurance which is a policy coverage for service members in the event of an injury as a result of an event, not death and is payable to the servicemember.

Posted: 19 May 2009 11:35 Post Subject: insurance

It depends on the 'catagory' in which the Military puts the TSGLI. I hate to say this, but, the Military can 'word' it in such a way that the Soldier CANNOT get it ( ie: a Military Doctor can say the injury was there BEFORE he went to Active Duty, etc.). SIMON____SGLI IS the Life Insurance for the Military. I DO agree with you, sounds like it;s possible the OP DID file it under the Life Insurance instead of the Medical. ALOT has changed, benefit wise, with the Military, since I joined. THEN..there was Life and Medical. NOW, STILL have the Life and Medical....there are 'sub-catagories' within each one and a 'qualification' within each one. It CAN get complicated. Hope this is a bit more clear.

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:36 Post Subject: Missing named beneficairy forms

I recently lost my 28 year old son-there was a life insurance policy on his job The 1st insurance company at the time the policy was taken out has been contracted out ot another insurance company-the new insurance company has state that the 1st insurance company can not find the beneficiary forms-after talking to other employees on my sons job they can't find their forms either so they all had to go back in and refill out forms with the new insurance company-this is such a hard thing to lose my son now this-is there anything i can do?(myself and the other employees are quiet sure that these forms was submitted-on my sons forms I was the named beneficiary raising him as a single mom and he was not married) Please Help

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 06:12 Post Subject:

Hi Dckc,

Have you gone through your son's document? He might have his copy at home.

Is this policy through his employment? Have you checked with his employer if they have a copy of it?


Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:42 Post Subject: insurance

I'm SOOO sorry tp hear of you loss, OP. I hope they DO find the Insurance Policy. But.........(I'm just 'putting this 'out there') there a possibilty the policy was filled out, but, NOT summitted? This MAY be the case if no one can find the policy.

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 09:20 Post Subject:


is there a possibilty the policy was filled out, but, NOT summitted?

Is this possible? Does it happen too often that the employees would fill-up the forms but those were never submitted by the employer?

I think the experts would be able to tell what would happen in such cases. Would the beneficiary still get the death benefit?

Posted: 13 Nov 2009 10:00 Post Subject: SGLI

i heard that you could get cash back from your sgli after you retired from service >

Posted: 18 May 2010 04:24 Post Subject: Heart Attack

My husband had a heart attack 2 years ago. He is still full time Army and now is deployable but SGLI sent us a letter cancelling our life insurance. Can they do that when he has been deemed deployable?

Posted: 18 May 2010 03:35 Post Subject:

Does not make one bit of sense.

According to the Navy Mutual's FAQ page, the following is true:

It is automatically given to service members at the maximum amount, and everyone is covered for the same cost regardless of health. Service members must request to change the insurance policy coverage.

Maximum coverage ($400,000) automatically provided unless reduced or refused by the active duty member.

Reduced or refused insurance coverage can be restored by written request with proof of good health and compliance with other requirements.

Contact the VA's SGLI Office immediately for an explanation.

From the VA's SGLI Website:

If you have questions about Servicemembers' or Veterans' Group Life Insurance, You should contact the Office of Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance directly.

Toll-free telephone: 1-800-419-1473

Toll-free fax numbers:
Death and accelerated benefits claims only: 1-877-832-4943
All other fax inquiries: 1-800-236-6142

Death and accelerated benefits claims only:
All other inquiries:

General Correspondence:
Office of Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance
80 Livingston Avenue
Roseland, New Jersey 07068-1733

New VGLI Applications and VGLI Reinstatements:
PO Box 41618
Philadelphia, PA 19176-9913

Posted: 18 May 2010 03:37 Post Subject:

i heard that you could get cash back from your sgli after you retired from service

You heard that from a fool.

SGLI is TERM insurance. Term insurance = NO CASH VALUE.


Posted: 23 Jan 2011 06:02 Post Subject: policy number

How can I get the policy number on my SGLI? Is there a place to go or someone I can call to get the policy number?
I'm going to be deployed soon and would like my children to have it in case. Just so that the can have it if any one was to ask for it in the invent of my death.

Posted: 23 Jan 2011 07:41 Post Subject:

On the Department of Veterans Affairs (US Government) website, the following information has been posted:

If you have questions about Servicemembers' or Veterans' Group Life Insurance, You should contact the Office of Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance directly.

Toll-free telephone: 1-800-419-1473

( )

I'm sure that if you contact them at that phone number, you will have all your questions answered.

Be sure that your beneficiary designations are SPECIFIC. If you want the money to go to your children in the event of your death, God forbid, then list each of them BY NAME as a beneficiary (all PRIMARY). If they are minors, by law the money cannot be paid directly to them, but will be placed in a trust for their benefit. At their age of majority, they may access the money directly. Prior to that, the trustee may release funds for the needs of the child.

God bless you in your service to our country. My son is a "lifer" in the USMC. 15 in - 5 to go -- was in Iraq for Christmas in 2008 and in Afghanstan for Christmas in 2009, and now safely "home" as an instructor at MCCES, USMCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA. A family in my church has a 19-year old son in the USMC now in Afghanistan (in an artillery battalion lobbing 105mm shells at the unseen "enemy"), and we pray daily for his safety, and the safety of his entire gun crew, as well as for all the other men and women now deployed around the world.

If you are deploying to Afghanistan or Iraq, keep your head down and your Kevlar on at all times. And be sure your clips and magazines are full.

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 07:16 Post Subject: TSGLI


Posted: 18 Jul 2011 09:15 Post Subject:

And does this have anything to do with Servicemembers Group Life Insurance?

Posted: 26 Dec 2013 03:26 Post Subject: Tsgli for dessert storm victims

Does tsgli cover dessert storm victims as we'll from 1989 to 1994. Also are there any insurance coverage from vets being injured durning that era.of dessert storm?

Posted: 26 Dec 2013 03:59 Post Subject:

Traumatic SGLI benefits were not available during Desert Storm. Benefits can be retroactive to 2001 in certain circumstances.

There are some VA benefits connected specifically with the Gulf War. For more information visit this website:

This was, similar to the Vietnam era, a period in the history of our military that service-connected disabilities, including cancer, MS, and a number of other illnesses were officially ignored or dismissed as not being service-connected. We now know that these "official policies" of the government were wrong, and that the VA is still not doing what it should to correct its past mistakes and provide the proper care our veterans deserve.

If you need additional assistance, your local member of the US House of Representatives would like to hear from you. Congress is finally taking action on behalf of the Gulf War vets and the later Iraq and Afghanistan vets who need and deserve care. If you are not sure who your representative in Congress is, use this website:

God bless you, and demand the care you need!

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