does it pay on suicide

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does it pay off on suicide

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:P :P Not if it's an accidental suicide whereby the self-inflicted injuries fail to cause the unintended effect, if so, payment is predicated on the success of the accidental self-inflicted injuries and the suicide exclusion clause being satisfied satisfactorily causing termination and payment. :P :wink: 8)


It contains everything you EVER wanted to know about life insurance suicide clause.

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The suicide exclusion is not really an exclusion at all, but is designed to exlude insurance payment in the event of suicide after a certain period of time after which it is determined whether or not the suicide was either intentional or accidental.

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Life insurer would pay the death benefit regardless of the cause of the death. So, they would pay for the suicidal death as well. However, most of the policies would set two years period within which a suicidal death may not qualify for the death benefit from the policy.

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