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I’ve bought a new house and would like to get it insured. I wanted to know, what are the best ways to compare policies from different home insurance companies? I want to choose a good affordable one. Please help!

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Just curious... how did you close the mortgage on the house if you didn't have insurance in place? Did you pay cash for the home?

Sounds kind of spammy.

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I didn’t have any mortgage to close on. I inherited a good deal of money, out of which I invested a large portion into buying this small but beautiful house. I don’t have any experience about insurance policies other than my auto policy.
I am also a single person. Can you lemme know how to go about getting a good insurance on my house???

Posted: 10 Sep 2011 06:02 Post Subject: Call a few independent agents in your area

First of all, you need to take care of this on Monday, if possible! If your house was damaged of destroyed before you buy coverage, you could lose your entire investment!!!

The best Homeowners Policy will vary depending on your state, your new home and your budget. Since I don't know where you're located, I'll give you several recommendations-

Amica Mutual- rated #1 for the 10th year- amica.com - quote & buy online

All of my other recommendations are only sold by independent agents. You can go to each of the company websites and enter your zip code to see if they offer coverage in your state-

Auto-Owners - www.auto-owners.com - operates in 26 states
Cincinnati Insurance- www.cinfin.com - operates in 29 states
Donegal Group- www.donegalgroup.com - operates in 21 states
State Auto- www.stateauto.com - operates in 33 states
Erie Insurance- www.erieinsurance.com - only in 11 states, but very highly rated

Call or email a few agents in your area and request multiple quotes from them. The more options and info you have, the better decision you can make.

If you are happy with your current auto insurer, you should also contact them for a Homeowners quote. All companies offer a multi-policy discounts if you purchase both Auto and Homeowners coverage from them. When you narrow it down to the best two or three quotes, you should contact those companies (or agencies) and request a quote on your Auto policy from the same company and ask what discounts would apply.

It takes a little work, but you won't regret spending the time it takes to find the best policy for your needs and situation!

Good luck!

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