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My house is situated on an elevation in a FIRM zone A and my insurance company told me that it’s mandatory to purchase flood insurance. Since my house is on an elevated region, it’s above flood water elevation and I have an elevation certificate from a land surveyor to prove it. I am technically in Zone A on the map but the elevation would make it Zone C, right? Would it still be mandatory for me to buy flood insurance?

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It shouldn’t be mandatory for you have flood insurance for your property unless there is a lien on it. If you want to drop the flood insurance entirely, then you may want to look into changing your lien holder.

In case you don’t want to or can’t change your lien holder, then that elevation certificate you have will help you lower your premium rates by a solid margin. You can ask your agent to include the elevation certificate and run a determination for your property. In case they can certify you out of Zone A and into Zone C, you should be able to convince your lien holder that you don’t need flood insurance.

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I recommend that you rethink letting go of your flood insurance. Whether you are in a high risk flood zone or not it is a good thing to have and is relatively inexpensive compared to the size of your average flood claim. Your regular homeowners policy will not kick in to help with a flood loss. Imagine if you had even just 6 inches of water throughout your entire house, it would damage all of the flooring, walls, contents, etc....
I had an experience adjusting claims in the Indianapolis area after a major hail storm and for reasons I don't recall there was 1 neighborhood that flooded approximately 3 feet deep in every house. This was not in a flood zone and only 1 of the homeowners actually had flood insurance. These claims would have been over $100k each, it was major damage and at the time I had to deny them.
I felt horrible but that is how it goes.
I think you may be able to get it for less money once you prove your zone change.

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Flood is caused by heavy and continuous rainfall in the area. The flood can cause severe damage to your house and its different contents.. The home insurances do not include the insurance against flood and so it is imperative that you take the flood insurance quote from the insurance company of your choice. The flood insurance was not available in recent past as it was costly for the general homeowners and the insurance companies never offered them to general people who wanted to insure their home against damage of any form but flood insurance quote is easier today.

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As an informed and smart customer you buy a lot of things, items and consumables on daily basis. Some of these purchases are made for pure joy of buying to satiate our needs wants while others are mandatory buying decisions for the betterment of all concerned. Insurance is one such service we all pay for, but never really understand what it can be worth in hour of need. Insurance is your safety gauge in case of any kind of loss or damage to your body, family, car, property, house, office etc. You should know that anything that has a monetary value to it that can be measured, can be insured. As a customer or owner of assets you take all kinds of insurance covers to protect against risk. Most of us often ignore one small section that covers any damage caused as result of floods. So, while flood insurance quote will only add a minimal amount to your policy premium, the peace of mind you will get would be much more.

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Thanks for share information for flood insurance... Flood is caused by heavy and continuous rainfall in the area. This is very most important i.e flood insurance

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You can look into the flood insurance which is good for our business type.

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Everyone knows what is flood and all of us have the experience of flood devastating characteristic. Flood insurance can help anyone to recover his loss.

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