Is wedding insurance necessary?

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I am going to marry within a year. What I want to know is that how beneficial a wedding insurance is going to be? I know that the caterer and the reception site are already covered? Why do I need insurance then? And how soon will I have to purchase it?

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Hi Paula,
It's better if you purchase a wedding insurance policy to be absolutely stress free and enjoy one of the most special days of your life. God forbid - If you need to rearrange or cancel your wedding - this insurance policy will cover the financial loss although depending on the perils enlisted in your policy.
There is no harm in getting this policy now. it's better to talk to an insurance agent, shop around (should do it fast as you have less time) and choose the best policy.

Posted: 14 Jun 2012 07:05 Post Subject: wedding insurance

As you are going to marry, so I think it is better for you to purchase a wedding insurance for your better future.

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 03:39 Post Subject:

Wedding insurance is a ONE DAY EVENT policy. It has nothing to do with the future beyond that one day. Unless you have good reason to believe something could go drastically wrong, and the cost of the wedding and reception is substantially more than $20,000, it's generally not worth the expense. But the insurance company will love you.

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 04:56 Post Subject:

It is not compulsory that you have to buy a wedding insurance it depends on you but best thing is be safe and relax after buying wedding insurance

Posted: 27 Jul 2012 09:11 Post Subject:

There is no mandatory thing while you are going to celebrate your wedding, it is for your personal sake, if you take a wedding insurance plan then it will provide benefit if anything unusual happens at the ceremony.

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