I sold my lake house 1 month ago. It burned.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:12 pm   Post subject: I sold my lake house 1 month ago. It burned.  

.I sold this property and am financing it. I still have my homeowners policy on it. They hadnt even made the first payment and it burned down yesterday. Will my policy still cover it?

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:34 am   Post subject:   

If you sold the home you no longer have an interest in it. Why would you care if it burned down? If your neighbors home burns down do you expect to be paid for that loss? Same thing... it's someone else's property.

I'm guessing that you really did not sell the property as your post states?

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:18 pm   Post subject:   


you did not read the post. The person posing the question self financed the property. He/she does has an interest in it. To answer the question, it probably will be paid. The only way to find out is to file a claim.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:38 pm   Post subject:   

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:22 pm   Post subject:   

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:54 pm   Post subject: slavic ladies  

WhiteTigerZimri u

WhiteTigerZimri 3 sexy russian women points uploaded 1 day ago

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WhiteTigerZimri 2 points registered 22 hours ago

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notwithstanding, The thing about grief is that nearly everybody don actually choose it. It just a part of life but it would be masochistic to go out seeking grief for the purpose of personal growth.

WhiteTigerZimri 3 points registered 4 days ago

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is it feasible for you to work towards being financially independent, So you can live on your own or with housemates eventually? I think that would be super helpful I know it made an impact for me.

WhiteTigerZimri 3 points registered 4 days ago

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If you fairly certain you don want to date these women, you can could shift the boundaries and stop the flirting. You could have a conversation about it or you'll just be just gradually flirt less and stop encouraging that behaviour.

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if you find, you will discover, learn about want to date these friends, appraisal think hard about whether a. It worth risking losing the friendship for a love, m. Whether you actually want to practice polyamory and c. Whether those people currently practice polyamory in a healthy way and have good friendships with their existing partners.

Personally I pretty careful of women with husbands or committed male partners, As I know that most women will invariably put the guy first. They are seeking a selective triad), Which are a wide nope from me.

WhiteTigerZimri 1 point downloaded 7 days ago

even if you lose the friendship, It probably of the best because friendships with unrequited love dynamics usually don last they often become strained, if the person you in love with starts dating someone else and you feel jealous. It probably best to move on and find new people to spend time with.

I generally try to keep friendships and dating unions separate, To avoid getting stuck in one sided crush unforeseen events like this. I clearly look for friends who I not attracted to, And for dating there always online apps or asking out co-workers you meet in social situations.

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Worldofdanks 1 point put up 6 days ago

I don think the falling in love pretty early on stage carries over into my 8 year companionship. This is a little different. I can just give up a accord like that over a crush, Which is what this is has.

I just wanted the tiniest bit of respect, In regards to speaking with me about it, Rather than bailing on our initial plans and ghosting me the past 4 days.

I also don pick my friends based off attraction level, will be just happen, And I try to base them on the grade of the person as a whole. really, frequently that backfires, But it the only formula I love to go by. I only want to be respected by my friends, Which I had difficulties with for a while, So it sucks that it proceeding again.

I like your advice, Kind affected individual, However it appears that we have different approaches to friendships. In this case, I not quite ready to just end the affinity I had for so long. That why I upset just what happening.

WhiteTigerZimri 1 point handed in 6 days ago

Fair enough I do think that behaviour is inconsiderate on her part. Yet my experience as a woman is that once a guy says he is romantically interested, He doesn get over those feelings unless he starts dating other people. Guys usually will keep flirting and asking a woman out oftentimes, nevertheless had comments she said no, So maybe she doesn want to get on with that hassle.

I guess every situation is unique as well. I mean if this is even a bit of crush and you be over it in a week or two, Then in all probability it fine to keep being friends. But it sounds like you been attracted to her on and off during the last six years, And I doubt that attraction can magically go away.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:18 am   Post subject: russian women  

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