Home insurance denied because of a dog!!

by Guest » Tue Sep 10, 2013 09:48 am

I along with my husband and three kids live in a nice middle sized home now nearly for 10 years and during these years, we never missed a single mortgage payment. We both make good at the end of each month and we’ve never made any claim on our home insurance in the past.

So I decided to switch over to another insurance provider after being with the same company fr all these years and moreover, when my employer offered a good discount through Liberty Mutual. Everything was going fine until they asked me if I had a dog.

I told them yes! We have an adorable dog who we adopted 7 years ago. Then they asked for the breed and I honestly replied that I didn’t know. They again asked for the breed and then I (without thinking anything) said, "maybe part shepard?" We were straightway denied the coverage as we had a 'dangerous breed' in the house with children under the age of 12.

This just pissed me off as she is the most gentle, polite dog I've ever met. How come she's a dangerous breed?

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Because statistically they (as a whole) tend to bite people. What I can also say is that every owner of every dog states that their dog is gentle and kind.... right after they bite someone.

You may want to take the dog to a vet and see what breed they think the dog is. If it's not shepherd, see if they will give a written statement to this affect.

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This has become a fairly common practice with the majority of insurers. Dog bites are among the most costly claims paid by insurance companies.

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Hi! Check out this article. I hope it'd be of some help...:)

And regarding identifying the breed of the dog, a DNA examination would be the perfect method.


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