State Farm Denies Roof Claim - What Can I Do?

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I have had State Farm as my home insurance company for over two decades and had NEVER filed a claim before finding out the roof in our new home had leakage problems. The roof had passed muster with our home inspector, and we have had some severe wind and rain storms since we moved into the house. After having one local roofer inspect the roof I went ahead and filed a claim, trusting State Farm would, "Like A Good Neighbor!" come through and make everything allright. Yeah, right. I have been treated abusively by the State Farm gristmill. The State Farm adjuster who called me was curt and snidely said it sounded like the roof was incorrectly installed and they would send out someone to take a look at the roof. The person who came to "take a look at the roof" was looking for reasons to deny responsibility the whole time. First this person stated they couldn't find any damage inside the attic. I politely pointed out what looked like water stains on some of the exposed wood. This person said it was not a water stains. Later this individual climbed up a ladder onto the roof. This person went on to say the source of the leakage was an incorrectly installed roof, and therefore it was not covered by insurance.

The fact that I have been a responsible policyholder all these years means nothing, apparently. I was treated like a jerk, I now have a mark against me since I made a claim, and I am stuck with having to cough up $10K to pay for a new roof, not including interior damages. State Farm slipped in a $5,000 deductible into our homeowners' policy on our new house -- I was not expecting that since our old deductible was $1,000 and we had so much on our plate in the rush to close on the new house and sell the old house. I didn't realize that the deductible was now $5000 until I looked closely at the policy paperwork prior to filing the claim. Therefore, they will not cover interior damages since the total costs are less than $5000. That means I am stuck for the $10,000 PLUS for interior damages.

This has taught me an invaluable lesson that is so obvious I feel like a fool. I am posting here as a warning to all other homeowners out there: Home insurance companies ARE NOT our friends. They are NOT OUR GOOD NEIGHBORS. They are for-profit companies. State Farm is anything but a good neighbor. Online information shows they have apparently bribed at least one judge in a class action lawsuit against the company. There have been other attempts at class action lawsuits -- and correct me if I am wrong -- but it appears that courts mysteriously side with State Farm against all logic. I wonder why. So just remember: It's CAVEAT EMPTOR when it comes to State Farm.

I'm still searching online for home insurance company information. This time, I am looking for a company that rewards loyalty and has high consumer satisfaction ratings.

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How do you know the roof was no incorrectly installed? have you had your own expert up on the roof to given an opinion? Or are you just going to accept State Farms version?

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 01:43 am Post Subject: Roof

State Farm came to my house the day I posted. Have not yet arranged for an expert. I am considering my options. Thanks for your interest and tip on getting an expert!! : )

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Unfortunally, this happens more times then I can count. This is why I joined the company I now work with. We inspect your home for wind or storm damage and if so, you sign with us Free, and we then work with your insurance adjuster providing our expertise and try to make sure insurance adjusters haven't overlooked anything. Or try to cut any corners. I'm not sure where you live but as a homeowner you have the right to call for a second adjuster to come out. You have to call them a make another claim. If you need any help just let me know and hopefully this helps but if not feel free to write me or call, you pay your premium and you should be treated better

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Unfortunally, this happens more times then I can count. This is why I joined the company I now work with. We inspect your home for wind or storm damage and if so, you sign with us Free, and we then work with your insurance adjuster providing our expertise and try to make sure insurance adjusters haven't overlooked anything. Or try to cut any corners. I'm not sure where you live but as a homeowner you have the right to call for a second adjuster to come out. You have to call them a make another claim. If you need any help just let me know and hopefully this helps but if not feel free to write me or call, you pay your premium and you should be treated better

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 09:20 pm Post Subject: Hire A Public Adjuster!!

Not sure what state you're in but the best thing you can do is hire a Public Adjuster ! Public Adjusters CAN & will fight on your behalf to make sure the insurance companies pay you WHAT YOU DESERVE.

Resources For Finding A Public Adjuster:
Public Adjuster in Panama City
National Public Adjuster Directory
National Public Adjuster Directory
Should I hire A Lawyer or Public Adjuster?

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