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PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:29 pm   Post subject: Home Insurance Theft/Dmg Process Questions  

Hello. I recently had a storage locker breakin. I have home insurance which states "replacement cost addition". There is about $2000 in items missing so I am processing a claim, but I'm wondering what to do about some minor situations, for example:

1) Very light damage: A lot of the items in the storage locker were thrown/dumped all over the ground outside the storage locker. Eventhough they are still usable, they were probably stepped on, obtained minor scratches, or at least more dirty than they were before. Do I do/claim anything for these items? Stuff like back packs, tool boxes/tools, wooden graduation boxes+contents, etc.

2) Impossible to remember items. For example I have a bunch of really messy tool boxes with a large assortment of different tools. I can tell the toolboxes were all dumped on the ground, and 95%+ of the tools are still there, but, it is almost impossible for me to say no tools are missing... It might take months/years before I end up in a situation where I need to use a tool I know I had but is missing... Do I do anything with this? For example I can prove I have $750+ in tools and I know most of them are there, but 'maybe' missing ~5%, am I able to claim ~$40 for the possibility/likelihood of missing tools, or is that impossible?

3) Partially damaged items. I have a portable ac conditioner stored in the locker for the winter. They broke the hose (unusable; looks like they tried to pull the coupler off for some reason, or maybe use the hose to drag the ac out of the way, and ripped the hose?). The AC itself seems to still be working but they clearly were doing stuff/rough with it. Do I only claim just the hose (try to find a replacement part for my specific model?), or should/can i just claim the entire ac?.

Thanks for any help.

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