Is my car gonna fall on my moped!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/15/2006 - 10:07

I've been thinking of getting a motorcycle or a moped soon. Now I'd like to know if the liability limits of my car would apply on my moped as well. Could anyone help me out ? Cynthia Delacruz

Posted: 15 Dec 2006 12:48 Post Subject:

My friend,
First of all I'd like you to examine your liability limits.
Suppose, I'm from Louisiana and maintain 100/300/100 on my family cars. This indicates clearly that I have opted to pay upto $100,000 for any bodily injuries caused to a person, $300,000 following the same reason for two or more people and another $100,000 in terms of any damages to property by one of my cars. Hope you got that correctly! Sasha T.

Posted: 15 Dec 2006 01:44 Post Subject:

hi..I sincerely don't think that maintaining a different liability would make any difference towards your liability exposure! Even when you're carrying a minimum 10/20/10 coverage on your mopet, the higher liability limits would be applicable on it, if you've been maintaining a higher on your car. Regards, amusing_holysoul

Posted: 15 Dec 2006 01:54 Post Subject:

hey buddy, I feel its time for you to shop around and first of all you should consider the insurance company that carries your auto policy. If you feel the need to enquire about the price quote don't forget to ask if a multicar discount would be applicable on your moped as well. Stay in touch, Jimmy Ferguson

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Hi anonymy, your post has been shifted over here >>

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