Can they charge extra for OEM parts ???

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 02/06/2007 - 06:59

Hi I've recently had an accident. Now that I wanna opt for OEM parts while repairing, could the insurance company charge me any extra cost for that ?? Bartender_0kMcDowells :?

Posted: 06 Feb 2007 07:28 Post Subject: hey!

hey I'm sure its always a possibility for you and thats quite natural when you've had any accident. Yes thats true that some insurance companies are now a days charging a bit extra for that. You should also take this into account that your insurer might just not agree to pay you 100% of your repair costs under such circumstances. Regrds, Sasha.

Posted: 06 Feb 2007 07:47 Post Subject: Know it better!

Hi there!
Many consumers don't even know that their insurers let them use after-market parts. There are also some policies that let the consumers be sure that quality OEM parts are being used for repairing their vehicles. Thats why it is all the more important to know your policy in n out. Thats why I'd recommend that you read carefully and consult with your agent before filing a claim. All the best, Clergyman

Posted: 06 Feb 2007 08:50 Post Subject: Got it ?

Yes, thats quite a dilemma. On one hand if you opt for OEM parts you may need to bear the part of the estimate between the aftermarket part and the OEM. On the other hand if you'd avoid using OEM parts that might charge you a portion of the security deposit after the lease expires or any disposition fee at its expiry. Got it ? Fatman

Posted: 09 Feb 2007 08:00 Post Subject:

I dont think so because the more you repair you car and make it difficult for another accident to happen,they can not charge you over.Infact they like their customers to have saftey or prevention devices to avoid accidents.

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