Does Hipaa act upon a health coverage?

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Hi guyz..

Now that I know about most of the existing health insurance policies, I'd be opting for the one that suits my needs best. But I firmly believe that before I take a step further I should know a bit more about the eligibility criteria for Hipaa protections. I am also innerested to know about the health coverage on which Hipaa might just suit!
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April Tidwell :D

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Hello April,
First I want to say that you have just done the right thing. People often have difficulties in choosing the right plan because they don't muster enough knowledge. HIPAA protects your rights from being excluded or denied of any health related benefits under the group health insurance plans. It prohibits employers from practicing discrimination against employees on the basis of their health status.

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Hi! April,

HIPAA is normally available with group health plans, individual health insurance plans and comparable coverage plans. To qualify for HIPAA you have to meet all of the following eligibility criteria:
1. You should have a health insurance plan in the past and that also continuously for 18 months at least.
2. You are not qualified for any govt. sponsored Medicare or Medicaid
3. You are not covered under any other group health insurance or individual health insurance plans
4. Your most recent health insurance coverage was through a group health insurance plan
5. You have used up your COBRA benefits

According to HIPAA the exclusion period for any pre-existing condition is upto 12 months but for late enrollees it is upto 18 month.

Hope this information will help you. :)


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