What are the DUI specifications in Arizona ?

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Are there any specific rules for drunken drivers in Arizona that differ from the state rules in Alaska ? (just asking since I've recently shifted to Arizona from Alaska! :) )
Kelly McGillis

Posted: 07 Aug 2007 05:48 Post Subject: DUI requiremnets in Arizona

Hi Kelly McGillis,

First, lemme just remind you that the official level of intoxication is same in all the 50 states of US, i.e. 0.08 per se. If you are stopped for drunk driving, you are required to take the BAC test, failing which may lead to conviction. In Arizona, the DUI laws are as follows:

  • For the first offence you may have to serve a term of 10 consecutive days. However, the court may decide to reduce the term if you agree to take up the alcohol evaluation treatment.

  • Need to pay a fine of $250, plus some additional charges.

  • Your licensed may get revoked for 90 days.

  • You may need to attend counseling, if suggested in your case.

  • The open container laws apply to both the driver and the passengers.

  • If you are the first time offender, you may not be required to install an interlock device in you vehicle.

Hope this information will help you to get a fair idea about the DUI laws of Arizona. Take care

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Hi Kelly, I wish you a happy stay in Arizona.

Yeah, Arizona laws regarding driving under influence are less harsh than that of Alaska's. In Alaska, upon conviction, you may end up serving a year in jail, depending upon the severity of the offense. You may also require to pay a hefty fine of $5,000.

However, Arizona laws show no leniency for the underage drivers. In this front, Arizona has adopted the stance of zero tolerance. If you are under 21 years and caught with a traceable amount of alcohol in your blood, you may immediately get your licensed revoked for 30 days.


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You are doing the right thing by acquainting yourself with the laws of the state. It pays in more than one ways. But try to stay away from this kind of troubles. Because drunk driving can attract severe punishments as the states are enforcing the laws very strictly. It may also affect your insurability, the insurer may charge higher premium from you if it appears in your record.

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