premium effect in FLorida!

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What could be the ill-effects on my insurance premiums if I get a ticket in Florida? Pls help!

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Hi there! First, I would like to know, why are you asking this question? I hope you are not in the jam already. Getting tickets for moving violation can always cost you dear. Not that it only makes your driving license look bad but also affects your auto insurance rates. Take the word of a friend, the insurer will not deal with this issue very leniently. You may find quite an unexpected hike in your premium rates for accumulating points. You may also end up losing the ‘safe driver discounts' which is pretty bad in itself.


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Hi crosschild99,

The use of the word ‘ill-effects' itself implies that you are aware of the fact that accumulating points are injurious to your driving-record. So, why don't you try to drive safe than asking about the consequences?

  • Drive safely: remember you are not on the racing track. So, no need to rush. Always try to maintain enough space between cars. It will give you enough time to react even if a car stops suddenly before you.

  • Always be alert: at least when you are driving. Try to avoid being on the wheel if you are tired and exhausted.

  • Concentrate: for you and your family's sake concentrate while driving. Speaking on the phone is strictly against sane driving. Don't drive when you are intoxicated. Drunk driving is not only against laws but can also result in fatal accidents.

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Traffic violation can affect you in more than one ways. As someone has rightly mentioned above it may influence the insurer to increase your auto insurance premium. But that's not all…… may affect your insurability too. The insurer may decide against providing you with coverage if you sport a poor driving record. The situation can turn even worse for you if you are below 18 years of age. Moreover, beware of the ‘drunk driving' regulations of your state.

Hope this will clear off the doubts from your mind.

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Since you don't tell us what you mean by 'ticket'. It could have NO effect, (ie.) an overdue parking ticket or (let's say) a c & i (caseless and imprudent driving) or drag racing ticket, could spell significantly more trouble.

The 'ill effects' could range from an increase in premiuim to non-renewal, then higher risk (increased premium) with the next carrier you attempt to get coverage with, and so on. States/companies have different rules regarding what violations they consider 'chargeable' (for lack of a better term) or how long a 'ticket' stays on your 'insurance' record. Also you don't mention your age, how long with the company, or your driving/insurance record prior to receiving a ticket. If you are a sixteen year old young man, and this is the second ticket you've received. Honey, your rates are gonna sky rocket, (as if they weren't already high) more than likely.

The assumption (to me anyway), is that you have already received a ticket for 'something'. If you care to tell us what we may be able to provide more assistance.

As the prior posters have mentioned maintaining a good driving record is important for many reasons. One I might add to the list that I don't see here. Do you realize there are many many jobs/occupations/careers, that absolutely will not or cannot hire you if you have so much as a speeding ticket on your record? Mine included, a bad driving record can be far reaching, and severely limit your opportunities. Just a little more food for thought......

Pay your ticket, take your lumps, and learn from your mistake...Good luck to you !

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