Are your contents still covered when you're moving house?

Submitted by lilacsigh on Sun, 12/23/2007 - 00:50

We'll be making a fairly lengthy move from TN to MO. It's family that's helping with the move and a truck's being hired, which is what made me think about this. Would contents insurance still cover anything that gets damaged in transit? Thanks.

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You know this is a sticky one... I'll ''assume'' you have renters not home owners and will have the same when you arrive at your your agent before you move, because I think there are some exclusions about property in transit...also coverage on your personal property is covered by named perils only...meaning if one of these perils didn't cause the loss there is no coverage...I'm relatively sure though that you can buy something that will cover your belongings...If you are hiring a moving company then they should have a policy that covers it...again though there will be all kinds of exclusions and loss from a motor vehicle accident is likely to be one! Better be safe and call your agent and get this lined out BEFORE you load the truck! Sorry I couldn't be of more help on this one! But do let us know....

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I think Lori is right, I would think the moving company would carry insurances on the items. I would do like Lori says and call both the insurance company and the renters insurance just to cover yourself, nothing like finding out too late that you are not covered.

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It's family that's helping with the move and a truck's being hired

Does this mean that you haven't hired any professional movers for the job? If this is true, then you may be risking the safety of your property, because the homeowners insurance may cover only a percentage of the value of the property on transit. So, you can't rely upon it solely.

Moving companies normally carry insurances to cover the properties in transit, but their liability coverage limit may not cover all your losses. In such cases, your homeowners insurance can act as the supplementary coverage. However, the normal rate of deductibles will apply. As both Lori and dreamer have suggested, ask and get it clarified from your agent before making the final move.

Shifting or changing home has remained in the memories of many homeowners as a dreadful experience.

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Hi Lori,

Would you please help me understand while we are on a move like this...would there be any separate statewise guidelines acting upon such an act ?

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would there be any separate statewise guidelines acting upon such an act ?

Not sure what you mean by this? Could you be a little more specific? As far as ''auto'' insurance (and this would NOT cover the contents generally speaking...there are some 'if's' but not going into that right now), all auto policys must conform to the statutes of the state they are driven into....please expand on your question a little guest....i'll be happy to try and answer it.

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Have you called the trucking company that will be doing the hauling and asked them what the extent of their insurance is? I think with the moving companies they make sure that the items are packed right or they are liable. If you are having family do it, I would make sure that they pack it right, especially fragile items, you may be saving alot of money this way, but you are also putting alot at risk. Goodluck, hope you get the answers you are looking for.

Posted: 25 Dec 2007 05:14 Post Subject: Is this possible under any circumstances!

Hi Lori,

Merry Christmas to you..& I've come to know that you had been through your marriage anniversary (so a belated anniversary wish too)...

please expand on your question a little guest....i'll be happy to try and answer it.

Actually, I wanted to know whether this may happen like when I'm within State-A my contents are covered but when I cross over to state-B my contents are no longer covered anymore (due to any reason) ???

Is this possible under any circumstances!

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Thanks PlanetMQ, for the clarity, that's what I thought you we've been discussing in this thread...I'm not sure that ANY contents would be covered 'in transit' without contacting ones agent or company and getting a special coverage/policy written if a renters policy (which is what I 'think' the OP is referring to)....If a person had a policy or endorcement that covered their contents during a move, then state to state shouldn't make any difference. I'm sorry I truly don't know the answer to this question. And would caution anyone that is moving to investigate it throughly with their company prior to such a move. Now if a mover is doing it, of course you would want assurance (and a copy of proof of insurance) that they have liablity coverage that will cover your property while in their care, custody and control....sorry OP i'm not much help on this one am i? :cry:

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