license suspension in california?

Submitted by joe4video on Wed, 02/20/2008 - 09:27

my wife backed into a parked corvette yesterday.scraped and dented the hood.our insurance was cancelled at the end of jan. so cali law says license will be suspened up to 1year because of lack of financial responsiibility. can there be a shorter time period of suspension? please any help is welcomed!

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 05:22 Post Subject:

You should be able to petition the BMV and request a hearing on front of a judge. 1 year is pretty extreme. I believe it's 90 days here. Sorry for your mishap and I hope it turns out okay.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2008 05:39 Post Subject:

Hi joe4video, CA DMV laws are one of the strictest among the US states. Its actually illegal to drive without insurance in California. Unfortunately, I don't think that the DMV will show any leniency in your case.

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 03:31 Post Subject:

It is not the case in current scenario, i think you should take services of lawyer to solve this issue.

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