Our adjuster is pushing to rebuild with a Restoration Co.

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I am considering hiring a PA because we don't know what else to do, we had a significant fire in our home, adjuster was out first thing the next morning had a restoration company come in and within 2 days emptied our contents and were applying for permits to rebuild (which we had not decided to do) house flooded 4 years ago and we do not know if we are up to this AGAIN. By the way adjuster was on a week long vacation during this time. Came back said we were not sure if we wanted to rebuild, said structure damage $180,000.00 let us think over decision, decided not to rebuild at least with this company suddenly structure was down to $130,0000.00 restoration company called to say they would pay 5 years of our flood insurance if we would rebuild, we declined. Have now received smoke smelling clothes stained dishes and silver ware water logged collectibles and a huge dry cleaning bill from restoration company, to say the least they are now anything but pleasant in our conversations and complaints with them. Our furniture leather sectionel, oak dining set etc.... are soot stained scratched and smell they are sending out to refinish. LOL even our adjuster is pushing to rebuild with this company although he keeps insisting he does not care one way or the other. SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW???????

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Well, you can go with the PA advertizing here and get paid $900,000 or...

you could ask you adjuster (or adjuster's supervisor) to explain... why the decrease from $180k to $130 (I'm making a wild guess and thinking it might have to do with replacement cost vs ACV). I read your post and that seems like the only issue. You mention other items being damaged and the the insurance company has addressed those damages.

Usually when people have _huge_ fires like your, they want everything repaired yesterday. If nothing get's done for days, they get _really_ upset. In this case the adjuster investigated the loss, contacted a restoration company, the repair companies pulled the permits and they started repairs within 2 days. Did you initially tell the adjuster that your did _not_ want them to start work getting the house back together? I'm guessing, no. I might be missing something (feel free to let me know) but it sounds like they were doing a perfect job.

I don't mean to offend anyone but those restoration companies make _TONS_ of profit! I was just speaking to a co-worker about them. He tells a story were a restoration company wrote up an estimate for $13k. The homeowner even thought it was high. Adjuster called a contractor to look it over. Contractor said house just needed to be cleaned up (by someone making $10/hour) and even if he did the work (at about $40/hour) it would only cost about $3k. Don't get me wrong... restoration companies do a _great_ job but it's like shooting an ant with an elephant gun. The ant will certainly be dead but it's a little much. I'm guessing this is why restoration company offered to pay 5 years of floor insurance... there is that much markup in their work. So sure they push to get the work but I don't see that this has anything to do with the insurance company.

You've had a _huge_ loss. It's going to be difficult. Plus it's a little more complicated as it's not just repairing the home. It's not a fun process, I understand why your frustrated.

My recommendation is as above... have a conversation with the insurance company and make sure you are in the same page as to what is to be done. Ask questions if you are not sure about something. Post here is further questions.

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Here is the game in a nutshell - Insurance companies will offer the least amount possible... why you ask? Because by paying out less and by denying legit claims they make money!!! LIGHTBULB GOES OFF

The PA is going to get you as much as he can, WHY? Because the more he gets you, the more he gets paid!

Don't listen to all the PA haters in here, I have had nothing but positve experiances with public adjusters and so have many of my friends.

A lot of these people seem really programed by the insurance company ways..

Posted: 07 Nov 2007 06:35 Post Subject: views in connection with their company's interests..

Hi Wise Old Owl!

I'd definitely agree with you at this point that Public Adjusters may come to real help at times. Usually the company adjusters are hell-bent on establishing their views in connection with their company's interests.
Hence, the negotiation gets influenced by the terms & conditions mentioned in the policy papers & more often than not we come across clauses in the policy papers which have a hidden message (which have often been overlooked by a policy applicant).


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Good morning fired up in florida# and welcome,

First I'm so sorry about your fire loss, and glad no one was injured, I don't blame you a bit for not wanting to rebuild, you've had enough and I (and anyone with sense) could certainly understand that.

As Tcope said, find out about this deduction, 180-130k, get that answer. Also if I'm understanding you correctly on the personal property, are you saying that the restoration company (supposedly) have already cleaned some of these things and returned them, and they are still a mess? If so you do not have to accept them, contact you adjuster, (I'd stop talking with the resto company and let your adjuster do that), tell him/her they are unacceptable, the adjuster should come and look at the items, either have the resto company do it over, (at no charge) or total those items.
If this is not the case, have you not reached a price on the person property? Let us know about that...Also of course it's up to you about the PA thing, I think were I you and having trouble with the insurance company, (like tcope I don't see it yet), I'd call the adjusters supervisor, then your states dept of insurance FIRST. Please let us know the answers, and what we can do to assist you further....

I'm sorry I was reallllllllly gonna try and not get my dog in this fight, but I just can't :x

There are no HATERS of any kind here....

Don't listen to all the PA haters in here,

Except perhaps the rancid taste we have in our mouths for anyone that make false claims, and rip people off! Anyone making a claim that 100% of the time get 500% more than original offer on tangible (property damage) items, is ripping someone off! And it's the insured. Is there a time when a PA is a good choice? Maybe, but it's rare, most disputes can be handled if not with the insurance company directly, and their upper claims management if a problem on the adjuster level, then the states dept of insurance FOR FREE!

Because by paying out less and by denying legit claims they make money!!!

Any REAL/TRUE adjusters on this forum ever knowingly denied a legit claim? NOT !!.....An insurance company and it's adjuster are paid to put a person back in the conditon they were in prior to the loss no better no worse, and to make them whole again. Do they do that the most economical way? Of course...or do you go to the grocery store or better yet the gas station, and stay, ''hey, I see you want $3.00 a gallon for your gas there, let me pay you $5.00 a gallon instead!" of course not!

A lot of these people seem really "programed" by the insurance company ways..

Brother I am "programed" by NO ONE, and honestly if you want to talk about 'programmed' (I'll start spelling it correctly now, at least my understanding of the term) the PA's that have posted here almost sound 'cultish', I personally think it's so they can sleep at night, it has to be very difficult to look at ones self in the mirror after making such outlandish claims knowing full well they are false, (not one of the PA posters will provide ANY documentation to their obnoxious claims of recovery). What is the name of this site? Oh yeah, INSURANCE community! That's right!

What does that mean anyway programmed by the insurance company ways? If you mean to follow and adhere to the insuring contract? Yeah, the state laws are funny that way in their requirement that insurance companies to do that! :roll:

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