Do you have any Insurance Policy!! Which Policy do you posse

Submitted by liaoyu03 on Sat, 09/08/2007 - 19:46

Have you taken any insurance policy? Whats your view on life insurance policies? Is it necesssary that everyone should insure his life. I have 2 policies.

Recently I have heard about LIC's Money Plus policy which gives good returns covered with life risk. Do you have any idea about that or when it is going to close?

Posted: 15 Sep 2007 04:47 Post Subject:

If you are asking about life insurance, we have insurance on everyone in the family. The amounts vary. My wife and I have coverage to replace our income, the kids have enough for burial expenses, but also increase in amount when they turn 18. And the rate is never cheaper than before the next birthday so it is also a way to ensure really low rates for what we have purchased.

Posted: 23 Sep 2007 01:39 Post Subject:

Hey life,

I have two life insurances as well. One is provided by my job, automatically, since I work in the airlines business. The second one I am paying for. Yes, I would say this it is necessary to insure yourself because in worst case scenarion, if god forbid something happens, a funeral alone costs good 5-8 thousand dollars. You dont want to leave that burden on your relatives or friends. Of course we all hope they that will never see those money :D

Posted: 25 Sep 2007 04:44 Post Subject:

"Life" isn't with us any longer-being banned for junk posting and trying to rack up points- so no need to respond to his posts..Karen

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