Will a police chase be covered under my insurance?

Submitted by carolynhightower154 on Wed, 01/30/2008 - 02:42

My boyfriend's brother borrowed my car while I was at work, he was then involved in a police chase and totaled my vehicle. I live in Michigan I don't know if there are special laws because of the no fault insurance that MI. I don't know what to do

Posted: 30 Jan 2008 03:19 Post Subject:

So the only question is what do you do? Report the accident to your insurance company.

Damages to your vehicle _might_ not be covered, it depends on your policy and the state laws as well (intentional act/commission of a crime is sometimes excluded but this _might_ not apply to you as the insured as _you_ did not commit the offense).

What else do to...? Reconsider your choice in men and who you loan your car to. This one is _not_ a winner.

Posted: 30 Jan 2008 06:11 Post Subject: MI DOI

Why don't you contact the MI DOI in order to get the state laws at your finger tips?

Michigan Department of Insurance
State Insurance Commissioners Office
Michigan Insurance Bureau, Department of Commerce
611 W Ottawa St
2nd Floor, North
Lansing, MI 48933-1020
Main Phone: 1-517-373-9273
Fax: 1-517-373-9273


Posted: 30 Jan 2008 06:17 Post Subject: be careful from now on

I live in Michigan I don't know if there are special laws because of the no fault insurance that MI.

Don't know much about the special law updates...but can say that in a no-fault state you could avail your coverage irrespective of whether your car was at fault or not! But yeah, as someone rightly said..you need to be cautious about handing your car keys to others. Cheer up!

Posted: 30 Jan 2008 12:05 Post Subject:

Turn your claim in....You're at work and boyfriends brother just took your car? Why was it not with you at work? Boyfriend home with it? Honey you have a lot of trouble here besides your vehicle damage....again Turn in the claim and see where it goes...there are going to be some premissive use questions around this one as well as the ones tcope mentioned...Please keep us updated, and ask any other questions as they arrise...

I'm truly hoping for you that this is some kind of freak incident and not a life style choice....

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 07:32 Post Subject:

Yes, it should be covered. He is family. I'd fathom a guess to say yes it would be covered.

What was the outcome, if your still around?

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