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Is healthcare reform still possible?

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Both candidates have ambitious plans to reform the health system to expand the group covered by health insurance, and to control costs.

But the scale of the financial bail-out and the growing size of the US budget deficit could limit any attempt at reform, whichever candidate is elected.

Added on: Wed Nov 26, 2008 9:01 am by : JeremyHolter
Jeremy Holter
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Jeremy Holter
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Well friends, I wasn't attaching very high hopes with what our political friends have said during their election campaigns, but the hope for a renewed and revamped healthcare system seems to be drowning with the nation's economy. I'd appreciate if you share your views too in this regard. Do you still believe that healthcare reforms are feasible options?


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Thanks Jeremy for sharing this informative article. The present situation is so demoralizing that its hard to differentiate between the truth and the lie. The credit crunch along with the retrenchment has hit the middle income group very hard. I believe that where the healthcare reforms are necessary, the primary focus should remain on retrieving the economy from the slumber.


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Wow, this is in every reepsct what I needed to know.

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