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Hotels frequent-stay plans gain steam as airlines grow stin

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Faced with a weak economy and high travel costs, members of hotel frequent-guest programs are cashing in points for free rooms at a record rate.

Added on: Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:47 am by : jeorge
Are you a frequent flyer? Or may have to stay in the hotels often? Then you too may get benefits out of this program. According to the professionals in this field the redemption program for the free room facilities have seen an increase during the business year.

Given the rise in gas prices the airline industry is experiencing a slack in the business. The price rise of petroleum product has forced the airlines to increase their traveling fairs, which significantly has reduces the numbers of travelers through airways. People, who can't avoid flying for business purposes (and for other reasons as well) are also experiencing same crunch, hence that might have instigated redemption of the facility that they can avail from the hotels.


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i agree about bad owners who ruin it for otehrs. insurance companies base this on the number of dog bites per a particular breed of dog. they are not necessarily discrimianting. they are looking at statistics, ans how much they have to pay out in claims. you may find another innsurance company to insure you, but your deductible will probably be a lot higher.

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