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There’s a friend of mine who’s dog has killed 2 neighborhood cats and both of them were there in their owner’s home when the dog attacked. In our country, there is a leash law for dogs. But, unfortunately my dear friend doesn’t believe in that and so, he is doing nothing to get rid of the potential threat his dog poses to other’s pets. I want to know, what will be the legal outcome, if the owners of those two cats files a lawsuit against him? What if his dog kills more pets and their owners sues him for that? Till only one of the cats owner knows that my friend’s dog was behind all these.

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Here, owners of the murdered pets can report the matter to the police. There's no way to confirm the exact results of the same since they vary from state to state, and may even differ from locality to locality confined to a single state. As per your post, we couldn't figure out your state or locality and that leaves out a lot of room for speculative discussion.

Prima facie, your friend could be fined, jailed, or have his dog "put down", if the case is filed under criminal charges. However, if the complainants file a civil lawsuit, then that may result into a judgment for monetary compensation.

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