Comment on a player-turned-crook !

Submitted by jeorge on Wed, 03/29/2006 - 05:42

A startling news came up at a popular insurance feedback site, stating the fate of a noted National Football League kicker Ray Wersching. The eminent player had been charged with tax evasion and improper handling of an insurance business agency resulting in an illegal money transfer process.

He is convicted of exaggerating and forfeiting premiums that were supposed to be paid to the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. He is suspected of miscarrying documents and hiding records of his business in order to hide facts and steal the premium money.

He had once been terminated from his job as an agent with the Farmers Insurance in February 1995. Wersching is supposed to appear in court on March 27 this year. Any comments ?


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Why would a football player need to dodge taxes? They already make huge sums in a month than most people would make in a year, it's not as though they're struggling to pay for their second homes.

Got any more details on this?

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Why would a football player need to dodge taxes?

The realities can be a variety as could be the number of reasons. Pretty many things are possible within this dynamic world. Still, I'm sure everything has to be proved with evidence in the first place.

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Yeah, and Thriller was one of the very top selling albums in the history of music. What happened to Michael?

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