life insurance on my boyfriend

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i invested over 10 k into his house can i get a life insurance with out him signing paper work

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Life insurance probably needs some information regarding his health. He'd probably need to go through a medical exam. That's one good reason why it's not possible for you to have it without telling him.

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I completely agree with Steven.

There is underwriting that has to be done including a physical exam. Your boyfriend will need to sign to have this completed as well as giving permission for medical records to underwrite the life insurance policy.

Loss Adjusters

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He'd probably need to go through a medical exam.

This may or may not be required . . . it's a determination made by each insurance company.

The better answer to your question is simply this: state insurance laws prohibit obtaining insurance on a person without their consent. You also have to show an insurable interest. Your $10,000 "investment" in his house may be the limit of your insurable interest, but only if you had an expectation of deriving a benefit from it.

If you have no "paperwork" to document the purpose of giving him $10,000, then some insurance companies might consider that a gift, which would not convey an insurable interest that husband and wife would enjoy simply as the result of their marriage.

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Shoot, so that's that one spuposes.

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I agree with the above poster, you cannot take life insurance without signing from your boyfriend.

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You would probably be better served to get a lien placed against the property.

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