Do you need temporary insurance for a rented car?

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:18 am   Post subject: Do you need temporary insurance for a rented car?  

Driving a car without insurance will expose you to many severe penalties, If you have a car accident without a car insurance you may lose all your savings and assets, so what to do if you want to spend a weekend trip with a rented car, knowing that car insurance companies offer insurance policies for six months and twelve months only.

You have several ways to be insured in during your trip.

When you drive a rented car you may not need temporary car Insurance. But, after making a quick review for your car insurance policy and making some phone calls to your credit card Provider. Temporary insurance when the car is borrowed is different from short-term insurance for a rental vehicle.

Review your insurance policy to find out how to benefit from your car insurance.

Think about pay per mile insurance, it will not cost you much.

See the full guide on temporary insurance here. surance/


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