Body shop repairs car and then insurance claims total loss

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:18 am   Post subject: Body shop repairs car and then insurance claims total loss  


I have had a long 5 weeks but here it goes. I was involved in a tire blow out accident about 6 weeks ago and I took my car to the nearest body shop. When my car was towed there I explained my check engine light was activated and plenty of codes were set off and mechanic work is needed. This is the weird part the body shop takes the 5 weeks to complete their work and never add the mechanical estimate to the total estimate they would be paid or no additional supplement is added. The body shop takes 5 weeks to repair the car and call's me to get the approval for the car to be sent to estimate the mechanical damages since they just finished. It was determined body and mechanical work would be addition 6k and the insurance would claim it a total loss a few days later. Before I ever get the message from the insurance it was a total loss the body shop calls me claiming 80% of the work is done and I need to pay my deductible and pay for my two tires. I didn't pay them because I didn't know if they had my car or where my car was sent to be reevaluated. The insurance calls me to have my car released to them because they are occurring a storage fee all day but the body shop is refusing to release until I pay my deductible and for the tires. I have not heard back from the insurance and was told an investigation was in the process. I feel like the body shop took the insurance first estimate and did not add a supplement because they (insurance) would claim it a total loss and would not get the work (body shop).

Has anybody ever ran to this problem or get give me some information on what's going to happen.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:28 pm   Post subject: Re:  

Wow, that's unbelievable. What insurance company are you with and were you able to speak with them before the repairs were started? I would think that this type of double estimate is against the insurance company policy. Have you asked them?

On the other hand, your deductible is likely going to be the same in both situations, whether they do just the body work or if it's a total loss. So from your standpoint, it could be the same out of pocket cost in any case. Or is the insurance company requesting more money out of your pocket now? If there is a difference, you might want to consider changing insurance companies. You can get free quotes all over the internet, including at our website insurance4less. org.

Hope that helps!

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