Collision or Home Owners? Freak Accident.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:49 pm   Post subject: Collision or Home Owners? Freak Accident.  

I had strange issue happen a few days ago. We have a sloped driveway. My wife returned home early afternoon and parked at the garage door. It was raining. We went to a movie and returned in the rain around 8:30 PM with my car and parked beside her car. There was no ice on the driveway just some slush. Between 10:30 PM and Midnight, the rain froze to solid ice and my driveway became a sheet of ice. My wifes parked car slid 40' down the driveway (in gear, e-brake and locked) sideswiping another car and causing $6-8K damage to both cars. The insurance says its collision insurance. Should it be homeowners? The driveway and weather was ultimately at fault. The cars had nothing to do with it. What if it was someone visiting me and happened to their car? Who would be at fault? Their insurance or mine?

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:58 am   Post subject:   

It's collision insurance for YOUR car, not homeowners. Your auto policy defines collision as "the upset of your covered vehicle or its impact with another vehicle or object."

For the other person's car their own collision coverage would pay for the repairs.

However, if the other car owner blames you for his damage and seeks compensation from you, your insurance company will determine if you were negligent under your liability insurance. If you were, your insurance will pay. If you aren't, your insurance will defend.

I suggest you and your wife read your auto and homeowners policies. Yeah, some of it's complicated but most of it is fairly easy to understand the basics.

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