I talked with my doctor

Submitted by Rene on Fri, 09/19/2008 - 23:33

I talked with my doctor today about looking into applying for disability. She does not think it's unreasonable. But I'm worried because looking over the SS disability info, it looks like you have to be unemployed to be eligible. I have to work to pay my bills, pain or not, so I'm wondering what other's experiences have been. Thanks.

Posted: 20 Sep 2008 10:44 Post Subject:

Were you injured in an auto accident?

Posted: 22 Sep 2008 05:24 Post Subject:

Hi Rene

Please provide some more infomation. It's not clear what you are looking for.

I can tell you that disability normally pays out only if you are unable to work. It is designed to replace lost income. This includes mos SS (Social Security) plans. Of course, there are partial and residual disability coverages in some disability plans. If this is as a result of an auto accident then there may be other benefits for medical expenses.

If you want better answers please post -

1. what your disability is
2. where you live (ie State / Province)
3. what coverage you have
4. what kind of work you do
5. if you are working or not

The more info you can provide - the better.

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