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Privacy Policy :

We take all the measures and precautions to ensure that your privacy is maintained at each and every phase of our services. We do not distribute names or addresses of our registered members. This information is collected solely for site administration purposes. We have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of member's data.

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. All the changes in the policy will be directly communicated to our registered members through our web site at least a week in advance of its implementation.

Legal Disclaimer :

This website provides only general information intended to those who are facing the problems related to insurance. The information and news items on this site are aimed at sharing of knowledge only. This information is not a legal advice, nor is it intended to create any binding client/advisor relationship. Do not take any action based upon this information unless you consult with a specialist.

Forum Guidelines:

Rules regarding duplicate content:
  • Duplicate content would not be entertained and would not be considered for payments. By duplicate content we mean-

  • An accurate copy of information from another source

  • Model information as portrayed in your blog or your own website.

  • Once the system detects duplicate content, it will convert the content into image.

Steps to evade content duplicity:
  • Rephrase content from other sources in your own language.

  • If you would need to use content from external sources, please place the url within double quotes if the site is a .com site or else it will be deactivated by our moderators. You may keep the link activated in case you are dealing with a .org or .edu link.

Forum Postings:
  • Avoid displaying your company name and/or contact information (email address, phone no. etc.) within your posts. If you want to convey such information, please show them as a part of your signature.

  • Signature links will be visible only after 10 quality posts from a member. Signature links that bear no relevance with the context of our site would be subjected to removal.

  • Do not indulge in defaming or abusing other members and external visitors. Also, do not violate legal rights pertaining to others.

  • Abusive languages would not be tolerated in the forums and in comments.

  • Mutual respect, appreciation and co-operation are expected from the community members.

  • The comments in our discussion forums are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way.

  • Avoid postings extracted from email, newsletters and web pages in the forum as these may lead to copyright violation. Promotional posts would not be considered for payments and would be deleted without any notice. Promotional PMs from our members would also not be entertained and may impose penalties in terms of lowering forum-payments or even restricting participation of such members.

  • We would not link to any site for commercial purposes, however it is permissible to link to sites connected with the National Government Authorities, educational institutes and research institutes or if they are relevant to the context.

  • Only our forum members who have registered from the U.S. would be considered to receive payments for their posts. They would be entitled to such rewards if they satisfy our forum-posting guidelines.

  • One does not earn anything after making 10 posts over a period of 24 hrs. The posts after the 10th arenít paid for but one can surely make any no. of relevant posts in a day they want to. This has been done to prevent spamming just for the sake of earning some quick bucks.

  • Forum posts that are irrelevant to a particular thread or bears repetitive information would not be considered for payments and may be removed by our moderators. Similarly, any comments made to such irrelevant posts would not be considered for payments and may be removed.

  • Any forum post(s) that are considered to be aimless and intended to generate income only would not be entertained in our forums.

  • Any duplicate user-id belonging to the same user may be automatically deleted by the system. Any member who uses a duplicate user-id will be banned and will not be considered for forum payments.

  • Posts in Announcements, Feedback and Pub wont earn any dollars for the forum members.

  • If a post in a particular thread is found to be leading away from the topic in discussion, the moderators will have the right to shift the post to the pub. In such a case any dollar value which is generated with the post will also be deleted.
Experts Section: We would not allow articles that have been picked up from other websites. This might create copyright problems for us. Any such postings shall stand to be deleted and repeated postings shall result in the member getting banned from the community.

Copyright Policy: You may reproduce the materials available at this site for your own personal use and for non-commercial distribution purposes. All such copies must include our copyright notice.

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