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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/18/2009 - 11:26

I'm approached by a company to work on their behalf as an underwriter for their vision plans. But I'm not very confident about it. I don't have the educational background to perform as an underwriter.

I've heard that underwriting is a very skilled profession and requires a lot of knowledge and exposure. I'm fearing its a scam. Is it common for companies to approach unskilled people for underwriting jobs?

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Hi Sandy,

I'd quite agree that underwriting is a skilled profession. At the same time I'd like you to be sure of the job profile that they're actually offering. If you're being offered a trainee position as a data-analyst, I'm sure you could grow up the ladder in the long run.

Thanks, Evan

Posted: 18 Mar 2009 03:07 Post Subject:

It's unusual for companies to contact people they don't know for jobs. It's even more unusual (does not happen) that they do this when the person does not have experience in the field. Though scams usually involve some type of sales position.

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If they request any money for "training" or for "start-up" costs...RUN. I'll admit my knowledge of underwriting is fairly limited...but it doesn't seem like there would be a whole lot to underwriting a vision plan! I've never heard of a legitimate company contacting "unqualified" people for their positions. Work at home positions are getting harder to find and unfortunately most of them are indeed scams!

Posted: 19 Mar 2009 04:36 Post Subject:

Okay, here are additional information on my situation.....

The job profile involves me to check the application of the clients and check whether they have answered the medicals question properly. Then I'd be required to do the screening based on the guidelines given to me by the company. But I'd not be quoting the premium or do the other underwriting stuffs. Those would be done by the underwriters of the company. Now, what do you think guys?

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