what to do if i was not at fault in an auto accident ?

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Last week I was made to collide with another car, since the gentleman at the other one simply failed to climb a narrow rise and was forced to slide downwards and hit the front of my car. Now that his insurance company is trying to earn a buck out of me, what am I supposed to do ?

Awaiting any suggestions from you guys.

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would love to help, but i dont understand what you are asking. repost more clearly.

Posted: 29 Mar 2006 04:49 Post Subject: Let me clarify..


I would certainly like to make things clearer to you !

A fews walks down my home I come across a narrow rising. I opted for my car that day. There was one car already up in front of me, trying to make its way upwards. But before I could slow down my own, that car came sliding backwards and hit the front of my car.

The insurer of that car is now pushing me for money. They have tried to convince me of my fault but I held firm on seeking legal advice first.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you,

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it appears you were following behind the other car involved, both of you were driving up a hill or slope? the other vehicle simply simply rolled back on you (possibly riding their clutch or foot not on brake). In this case they would be at fault for failing to maintain control of their vehicle. The hard part is proving your side of he story.

Do you have a police report? Is the other driver stating you rear ended them? Any witnesses that can verify the other vehicle rolled back on you? Many times the points of impact tell a great deal about how the accident happened; in your case your front bumper touched the other vehicle's rear bumper implying you rear ended them. So at first glance, and especially if the other vehicle is telling a different story than you, the mechanics of the accident are pointing towards you.

You simply need proof, keep me posted.

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Thanks for your reply mbyork…. !

Its true. The other car simply rolled back after failing to move up a narrow slope.
I have a friend who is a cop. Just informed him casually over the phone, but I'm sure that there was none around us, to pose a witness. But I did not file a report, since the other party's insurance company simply talked to me over the telephone !

Posted: 18 Dec 2006 06:02 Post Subject: car accident

A 17 year old ran through a stop sign today at hit my car - I found out that my car insurance lapsed - what will happen? I read that if it happens before my cancellation date then I am still covered - some how even if it was not my fault I do not believe it will all work out find - any suggestions?
What is up with insurance companies not being open when you need them? I thought I would have some 800 number to call and report my accident and ask questions... "PLEASE NOTIFY US IMEDIATLEY" when exactly is that?????

Any help would be very appreciated! From the bottom of my heart

Posted: 18 Dec 2006 07:08 Post Subject: Yup!

Hi yeah!

I completely agree with you to the point that these 1-800 numbers are often not helpful !
Theres nothing that we can really do about it! But its another truth that with the noted companies we face problems rarely, they always have this 24/7 services in place. So, in your case you can rest assured that this lapse of time is not your fault and would be counted as a fault from their side at the court of law.
Regards, Francis Koleman

Posted: 18 Dec 2006 07:13 Post Subject: Welcome

hey guys, please join the community and help it grow! I am sure we all can help each other.

Posted: 18 Dec 2006 07:23 Post Subject: all da best!

hey there...if that incident's happened prior to your cancellation date...then theres nothing to get scared of !
Thanks, Norma_Tx

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Jessy, what happens could radically change depending on the state the accident happen in. some states bar recovery for someone who is 1% at fault.

My bigger question is... do _you_ have insurance? If so, you need to immediately report this accident to them! You will have liability insurance which will (should) protect your interest in this matter. Your carrier will investigate, apply local laws, and determine if they need to make a payment or provide a defense for your situation.

Question... if the other person said you rear ended them, I'm guessing they were slowing or stopped at the time. If I was your adjuster, I'd ask that person this question. I'd also ask you if there was any traffic in front of this person. Questions like these can be used to see if the person appears to be credible or not.

You state that you could not stop. Why not? Perhaps you are partially at fault in this accident. Be it 1%, 10%, or 50% no one can tell without having all the facts.

Bottom line, you need to report this info to your carrier ASAP!

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Scared, please don't thread cap which is what you are doing. Start a new thread with your question.

The accident happen "today" and you just found out that your policy lapsed? The only way this makes sense is if it lapsed prior to the accident.

Start a new thread of you want to discuss this issue any further.

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