supplemental health insurance plans..

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I'm here to ask a few things about supplemental health insurance plans. How do these plans work? I'm sure that there has to be a way to suggest the best supp health plan for me.


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What state do you live in?

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Hi Plasticmind,

Supplemental health insurance plans are known for their cash benefit offers. The worth of the cash and the payment procedures are quite specific to individual policies. Hospital indemnity insurance and accident health insurance are two good examples of this kind.

Choosing supplemental health insurance plans would depend a lot on your risks. It's you who has to decide the worth of coverage that you'd need to carry or you'd rather wanna carry. Also you'd need to think of your savings!


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IMO our probability of using supplemental health insurance becomes lesser if we've consistently been in good health throughout. Yes, I'd also agree that our savings play a key role towards achieving a supplemental health insurance.
We may need it if we've ever been hospitalized for a considerable period of time. I say this since then it would not be possible for us to take care of all associated expenses which are not covered under our insurance.
But yes we'd surely need to shop for an affordable supplemental coverage.

Thanks, Fatman

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this particular plan covers those expenses which primary insurance can't cover.i.e. lost income or even living expenses.Most of the people who are self employed often go for this kind of insurance covers.

many of the senior people opt for medical supplement along with LTC.

one of the best supplemental health insurance plan is medicare.


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Cool! That's a clveer way of looking at it!

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one of the best supplemental health insurance plan is medicare.

What's so special about Medicare as a supple health plan? What are the other options to Medicare?

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Medicare is not "supplemental" insurance. There are "Medicare Supplement" insurance policies that fill in some of the coverage gaps the politicians have created.

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Right max, medicare supplement insurance policies really feel that gap.

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Supplemental health insurance hold key benefits to the insured the add some additional riders to you. Where you can be benefits on after the some specific event

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the add some additional riders to you

What? :shock:
I hope this forum is insured against bad grammar. :roll:

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A Medicare supplement insurance can pay some of the health care costs not covered by Medicare for people 65 and above, as well as those who have disabilities or qualifying health condition.

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