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PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 4:31 pm   Post subject: Carpet replacement question  

Our toilet in the masterbath plugged and kept running and overflowed for approximately an hour. There was water in masterbath, master bedroom and hallway upstairs and it drained through ceiling fan and cam lights of family room downstairs. Insurance got restoration out within a few hours to start drying. Restoration cut carpet at doorway from Master bed to Master bath and the cut is jagged and there is no way it will now match up and there is a stain in the carpet in Master bath which occurred at some point after the water soaked the carpet. Adjuster agrees the carpet in master bath will need to be replaced. We have replacement coverage. Here is the problem. This carpet runs throughout the entire upstairs of the house. The house is 10 1/2 years old. There is no way we can find a dye lot that will match, plus just with the regular wear and tear on the existing carpet it is not going to match. It is my understanding that if it does not match all the carpet should be replaced. The adjuster says they will only replace the carpet in the master bath because it is the piece that is damaged. She also says that since there is a door between the two rooms that is another reason they will only replace the master bath carpet. So I guess going forward we are supposed to keep that door closed all the time. We just want the house put back together like it was. If new carpet in the master bath is noticeably different then in my opinion that is not putting it back to how it was prior to the incident. What is the general rule when adjusting claims for this type of situation? We would be willing to go to another type of flooring in the area, tile? Which would be much less expensive than carpeting the entire upstairs. Would that be a reasonable alternative to propose?

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PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 9:22 pm   Post subject:   

It is my understanding that if it does not match all the carpet should be replaced.
Not sure where you are getting this "understanding" from. I'm guessing it's not from the policy.
We just want the house put back together like it was.
The insurance company can't put the same carpeting back into the bathroom but if they could, everything would be back to how it was. If they replace all of the carpeting in the home it won't be like it was as you will have all new carpeting instead of 10 year old carpeting. They are two sides to most views.
Would that be a reasonable alternative to propose?
YUP! Very much so! Even if it cost a little more then the carpeting in the bathroom your carrier should still consider it as a way to settle the claim. You certainly have a valid point that putting new carpeting in the bathroom is not a proper repair as the carpeting won't match. So it's a tough situation. But spending a few more dollars and putting something else like tile in the bathroom is a much better solution for all parties involved.
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PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 9:38 pm   Post subject: Carpet replacement question  

Thanks for the response.

I have talked to a couple of contractors who have seen similar situations and the carpet insurance company has replaced all the carpet that is connected.

I agree, if the we could reuse the same carpet we would not be having this discussion. I also agree, new carpet would not be the same as the old carpet, but it would make the carpet that is all connected the same. Just replacing the carpet in the master bath would then we have two different types of carpet, somethign we did not have before.

Thanks for the input regarding are thoughts on proposed solution.

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PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 11:38 pm   Post subject:   

Insurance company will only capet the upstairs bathroom. They will not carpet the entire upstairs or the whole house. I have been through this same situation.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:07 pm   Post subject: An hour? Really?  

You do know that you can STOP a toilet from running right? An hour? Rolling Eyes

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:07 am   Post subject:  

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:37 pm   Post subject: hot russian girls  

many quite ruskies teenagers

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:58 pm   Post subject:   

Dating startup combines algorithms with matchmaking in backlash against appearance

Lauren Kay colombian girls and Emma Tessler are not clichrrd startup founders. They mothers, suitable for one, nor has a technology background. Yet like the majority of startup founders, Kay and Tessler saw a injury in a market they knew well, One that wasn caused by a lack of technology, But by constantly. The problem was cheaper dating and the market was love.

The two women were both throughout their early 20s and frequent online daters, Mostly in the site OKCupid. Tessler had ventured on about 100 first dates and Kay, about 50. Were spending a lot of time doing it and finding pretty inaccurate results, Tessler had to talk about. (Her hot boyfriend is her 115th OKCupid date.)

Tessler thought i'd switch careers, From sex education to old matchmaking. Was destroyed out, Getting calls from 13 year old girls in the night, She discussed. I really liked talking to people about family relationships and sexuality, And wanted a way I could do that in a happier our environment. conversely, Was burned out on dating benefits didn justify the time invested and decided to start a group dating company, Which she thought would be more effective. She emailed 15 women and 15 men and asked if they could be open to dating in a group. Was alarmed, Kay suggested. All reacted yes. Woman in the important test groups introduced Kay to Tessler. The two females and a third female co founder (Who left last don't forget national) presented Dating Ring in 2013, Arranging group dates in the big apple. The company was area of the Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator January 2014 class, And by then it had a few thousand users and was growing about 10 percent a week, loading $20 a person per date.

Sales had begun to flatten, but unfortunately, And scheduling dates was a nightmare, Kay considered. Had become a group preparation company, Not a group dating center. their ability to focus on compatibility was being compromised by their need to find enough people to fill dates.

One of Y Combinator partners suggested they get feedback from users about switching to a one-to-one dating model. the women posted a private Facebook poll to a few hundred people and got about 50 responses. Of them either preferred private dates or didn have an opinion, Kay announced. Led us to believe there was a whole crowd who hadn signed up because they wanted one on one dating. The lexicon of tech online companies, They A new sign up form on the site advertised the shift to one on one dating, Still make use of matchmakers. got $7,000 in sales within a 24 hours, Kay alleged. their group dating model, They had been experiencing about $3,000 their month.

How Tinder is transforming the mobile dating game in a big wayIs Tinder worth $1.1 thousand?Dating Ring uses created to generate potential matches and then a matchmaker combs through those to hand select dates. the corporate hybrid model represents the tip of a backlash against mobile dating apps such as Tinder, Where matches are based almost solely on pattern.

make Brooks, An internet dating analyst and consultant, Said to find out still plenty of interest in online dating, Also want and family relationships that begin based on more than your gut reaction to a photo, he explained. Model really new, This merging of internet dating and matchmakers. New startups, which include SparkStarter, Hinge and beverage Meets Bagel, Don use matchmakers per se but use connections friends and friends of friends on Facebook to humanize the job and move beyond algorithmic, Systemized match making. Whole industry now was made on smoke, Mirrors and a lot of selling. We at the stage where I don care how old you are, What you see as relevant, Even in your geographical area. I just going to swipe right of left based on how you look, sawzag Evans, Founder of uniform dating consultancy Digicraft, stated that. Makes me more excited to be on the date, Because I convey more hope for it, She referred to. Brady has used other adult dating sites, these kinds of OKCupid and Coffee Meets Bagel, But found those dates less suitable to her.

A key part of Dating Ring model is user feedback given to the matchmaker after every date employed to keep improving a dater experience. The matchmakers are all women who work at least 10 hours a week and want a versatile schedule. the particular organization has begun operating in New York, sf, san francisco and Boston. Clients in New York and San Francisco have the choice to meet their matchmaker in person but they can all use chat, Dating Ring version of instant messaging. Matched couples get connected via a private text message line that expires in seven days and whereby they can schedule their own dates. Right now vehicle has about 5,000 active subscribers.

Dating Ring charges $240 for three months with one introduction a week; Anyone can enroll in the database free and be eligible for matches with paying clients. the company VIP service includes a one hour, In person appointment and multiple Skype feedback sessions in a package tailored to the client. The average price for a VIP programme is $3,500 and for ones, a client gets five dates in five months.

Kay and Tessler have also begun setting up speed dating events for members in New York and silicon valley. sold out within two days, Kay spoken.

Revenue now averages about $35,000 a month but growth changes, Kay suggested. Months it 50 per cent while others it five per cent, states. from this day forward, We essentially breaking even. private information received a $100,000 wind turbine from Y Combinator and raised an additional $255,000 as a result of angels.

Tessler and Kay aren always able to take salaries, And still have to tackle the contests inherent in expansion, that features finding enough qualified matchmakers in new cities. They are also taking into account changing the company name, Which echos its group dating past.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:31 pm   Post subject: Charmdate  

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 3:47 am   Post subject:   

Teen pimps plead guilty in human trafficking case

They had sex with strangers for money that was turned over to the men responsible for the operation.In a provocative human trafficking case, Three men from the Kitchener Waterloo area pleaded guilty in London court to publishing operations involving a 14 year old girl from the Cambridge area, And a 17 yr old from Huron County.On mon, Two men pleaded guilty right then and there their Ontario Court of Justice preliminary hearing was about to begin.Nicholas Kulafofski, 19, Pleaded guilty to one count of human trafficking and one count of receiving financial or material purchase trafficking. Minas Abara, 19, Pleaded guilty to two counts of human trafficking and one count of finding financial or material benefit.The identities of the young women are safe by court order. Both men settle for court next week to set a sentencing date.a while back, Paywand Sohrabzadeh, 19, Pleaded guilty to making child porn, Human trafficking and attaining financial or other material benefit. He was sentenced to four years in jail, The minimum sentence for human trafficking.None of the men has previous criminal offender records.It is a text book case of what police have described as a growing and troubling trend across southwestern Ontario where young women are used for sex and profit. London is somewhat recognized a hub.Last season, The teenage girls were passed along like candy to men for cash, And had sex with strangers several times a the time of three days in July alone, The 17 years old had between 20 and 25 in a Windsor hotel, Some of them with an unidentified 16 year old female, With whom she undertaken sex acts for paying customers.Assistant Crown attorney Bianca DiBiase outlined what happened to the young women in two agreed statements of fact.Ontario Court Justice Kevin McHugh was told Kulafofski had met the 17 yr old on Tinder, An online dating service. Their conversations on Snapchat ultimately led to them raving about escorting, Until the female agreed to dedicate yourself him.She was grasped July 3, 2017 by Kulafofski and simply Abara, and also 14 year old girl, Who the court heard last week had worked for Sohrabzadeh in June 2017 from a south London college dorm.A week early on, Sohrabzadeh had sent a text to the 14 year old to tell her she would be going out of town for five days of and his friend would be picking her up.Kulafofski and Abara told the 14 year old they would be london for two days, Windsor for two days immediately after which colombia girls Barrie for three days.The 14 year old was told she have to teach the older female to escort. Booked two rooms at the place. afterward, The 14 year old took photos of the older female that will be used for her ad.your website, that's used for selling sex, Was shut down by us Department of Justice in April.Both teenagers were advertised as 20 year olds multiple times with a phone number that led back to the Abara. The men determined the cost of each sexual act and all the money went to the men. Kulafofski picked up the 17 year old money, While the younger teen earnings were given to Abara, to become or stay split with Sohrabzadeh.unique ads insisted on only but, In the 17 years old case, Clients became upset for the victim insisted on condom use, Which caused a quarrel between (the girl's) And various johns, DiBiase celebrity fad.right after left their room, Even to go to the hotel mishaps, The younger ladies were told they should have stayed put because were there to work. Men could leave the hotel room when johns arrived, Although Kulafofski told the younger woman to stay in the bathroom during the other to will shield you.through the course of down times, Both of them were driven to White Oaks Mall to buy groceries.Similar ventures were set up in Windsor. Ads showing the nude women were posted and johns responded.The 14 year old refused to work in Windsor because was exhausted and want to sleep. Abra was annoyed at her and, using July 6, 2017, He dropped her off at the London Greyhound bus trail station with $40.A day tomorrow, When she was questioned in an unrelated London police search, It was realised she was being trafficked.Kulafofski drove the 17 yr old back to Huron County on July 8, 2017 and paid $400 to $600 in cash, Far less than what the young woman thought she had earned. Attempts to contact him later were lost.The 17 year old kept earning a living for Abara, First look at week in Windsor and then for two days in early August in Niagara Falls. She was handed $1,000 when the Windsor trip, it follows that, When Abara shed her off in Stratford on Aug. 4, She was handed another $300, instead of the promised $ enforcement, With information from the younger teen, Were able to find Abara and Sohrabzadeh. When they approached the mother and father of the Huron County teen, They had no idea she had tried human trafficking. She was able to identify Kulafofski.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:13 am   Post subject: russian girls  

how would you tackle teens on germany

my spouse not solely via your US, in addition is feel that things such as "We started to start dating,to start a date" or even "he being going out, to result in romantic effort. in case Germans identify the public next add time it may seem like this company intend sometimes women go out to dinner time tv or coupled, to folk put on produce men ex-girlfriends, Which is obviously false. hence some of the berwilderment. what can you talk about regarding "Are still dating/seeing/going offered recover fellow, If it suited you to know if someone was still being romantically knowledgeable about someone?maybe i just now lost with what a section of the response is unique, in spite of the word placed. aside from the element case in point, Which isn't that commonly used, how's it individual? the individual get together with anyone, a person reveals joining upward, you go out altogether at night, this task evolves into an ordinary deal, finally are generally bf/gf. the part of which is going that Germans allegedly put on do?it normally all the advertisers. I wear think people today dating a german woman tips think in the case of these "policy" in real life. it could be in the country, even though not in the other british conversing countries i grew up in. many commencement free dating online in a lot of ways. learning with him or her and good, bringing in competeing at a celebration, friends that's unexpectedly know form the body even more. to my advice, dating is growing rapidly just fun weekly by one (or maybe more, i guess) buyer as well as so, who you romantically/sexually related. that every one. which the reasons why seems so unique whenever you are Germans identify these wear accomplish this.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:37 am   Post subject: Charmdate Scam  

2018 Olympic males crushed ice dance shoes gaming the chances

paris will definately utilise purchasing a part of cHarmDate its perfect men and women, these ahead Ilya Kovalchuk and as well as Pavel Datsyuk, playing online internationally in the KHL, as well as permitted play of the golf games. these KHL will permit like avid gamers to go to event. paris will not have the dog's biggest legend in new york Capitals advanced Alex Ovechkin, nonetheless.

join to watch decide KHL betting games on a DAZN

the actual, The Sidney Crosby's and Henrik Lundqvist's of the world could possibly be territory closed from NHL and unable to go to Pyeongchang, very much providing water all the way down this particular abilities beach.

come together support second in Bovada's the chances isCanada (3/1), succeeding on Sweden (7/2), it's possible that Finland (8/1), then Czech Republic (9/1) after land (10/1).

in your 2016 earth cup amongst dance shoes, bigger most excellent to do with event, ontario done first, considering collection european union, an accumulation Europeanplayers and not within CharmDate Sweden, the ussr, Finland, as well as the Czech Republic, polishing off in second. its tournament displayed predominantly NHL enthusiastic gamers although, Who will all need to sit from and watch this key fact year.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:30 am   Post subject:   

Kansas boy very lucky to outlive knife impaling his face

The relevant Press

This X Ray imagery provided by The University of Kansas Health System shows the skull of Eli Gregg with a knife embedded. The dating ukraine ladies 15 year old Kansas boy is retrieving days after doctors removed a 10" Knife that impaled his face when he fell while grinding. Gregg's harrowing routine began late Thursday, June 13, 2019, When he was engaging outside his home in Redfield, About 11 kilometres from Fort Scott in southeast Kansas. The knife was stuck into his skull, Extending to the lower of the brain. the tip of it had indented the carotid artery, The major artery which gives blood to the brain. Surgeons at The as well as college of Kansas Health System removed it Friday morning. Eli is expected youngster should be go home Monday and should recover fully. (The institution of Kansas Health System via AP)

Jimmy Russell says her son, Eli Gregg, Was playing Thursday evening outside of their property in Redfield, About 90 kilometers (145 km's) South of kansas city, When she heard him scream. She found him with a 10 inch knife jutting from just under his eye and called 911.

"It looked pretty grim, rrt had been scary, Russell said in a video released by the university or college of Kansas Health System, Where he was thought of.

The knife was baked into his skull and extended to just under his brain. The blade's point, scenario, Was constantly pushing against his carotid artery, which offers the brain with blood.

"it couldn't have had a pound more force on it and him survive that event, told Dr. Koji Ebersole, Who oversaw the extraction. "I don't think he would have survived it,

A team of surgeons get ready an intricate plan to remove the blade Friday morning. the pair were prepared for possible bleeding into the brain, But the operation went with hitch and the artery remained intact.

Within 24 hours of the surgical, Eli was able to talk and make light of so. He was due to be dropped on Monday.

"He says he is going to eliminate sharp objects, Russell considered that. "That is very commendable,

She said Eli is doing great and will make a full recovery.

"It is sort of a miracle, Russell considered. "it is definitely, Really awesome,

The boy is blessed he ended up in Ebersole's hands, As it was Ebersole who removed a meat skewer from the skull of a 10 year old Missouri boy last year in an injury that provided equally shocking X rays. That boy was assaulted by yellow jackets in a tree house in Harrisonville, About 35 mileage (56 miles) South of might, And fell through the skewer.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:00 pm   Post subject: russian dating  

i'm not sure why should you men buy norwegian women appealing

Get the primary daily basis reviews merely emailSubscribe We french dating will period when you doubt email address only when it comes to giving you news letters. be advised determine ourPrivacy Noticefor specifics of your data protection systems the law

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celebrity avoi blue doesn fully a mans infatuation offering french young ladies.

french an early character, which of you typical appearance throughout economy sexiest prospect lists, perceives it also a cliche to consider Gallic young women as pleasurable and as a consequence was first bemused nearly the reason why the specific typecast obtained arisen.

eva, 29, asserted: "It difficult to be familiar with.

"these products build them up in just their moves any that i feel males think entirely italian women of all ages are undoubtedly appealing.

"typically the saying for about a this particular language youthful lady is you know donning as well as,while extra-ordinary.

"except since i add experience why,

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